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How to Find Halal Indonesian Food for Tourism in Jakarta

Hello Travelers! If you have a plan to go to Jakarta Indonesia, don’t forget to try the delicious foods that the city provides! Going to Jakarta means that you will have the best experience to feel the great atmosphere of Indonesia tourism, especially if you are interested in tasting Indonesian foods. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about the transportation to travel in Jakarta. Because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, there are many accesses to go there. After you have arrived, you can start your journey to taste Indonesian foods. For Muslims, you need to find halal Indonesian food in Jakarta. Don’t worry about that because you can easily get halal Indonesian food in Jakarta tourism spot. Let’s see how to find the best halal Indonesian food and in Jakarta tourism spot. Here we go!

Check the halal label

In Jakarta, you can buy Indonesian food in many places, such as, in a market, on the side of a street, in a restaurant, and many other places. Indonesia has a lot of mini markets. The famous ones are called Indomaret and Alfamart. These two minimarkets spread along many streets in Jakarta. You can go there and find halal Indonesian food. The best thing that you should remember is to check the halal label. The halal label is usually located on the bottom left or right side of the foods. If a food is labeled by halal label logo with green and white colors, it means that the food is safe and you can eat it.

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Ask the seller

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Going along the street, you can find many restaurants and cafes. Most of restaurants and cafes in Indonesia sell halal foods. In other words, many restaurants sell pork-free and dog-free foods. But, if you are still afraid, you’d better ask the sellers whether they sell halal Indonesian food or not. Here are tips in asking in Bahasa.

In Bahasa, Pork means babi and dog means anjing. You can ask “Apakah makanan ini mengandung babi or anjing?” which means “Is this food contains of pork or dog?” or “Saya ingin makan makanan Indonesia yang halal, apakah makanan ini halal?” which means “I want to eat halal Indonesian food, is this halal food?”.

Don’t be afraid, they will tell you and help you, even they can’t speak English. If the food is halal they will simply answer “Yes, Halal”. But, if the food is not halal, they will simply answer “No” or they will by move their hands to the right and life side, “No Halal”. You can read 20 Best Indonesian Dishes with Low Budget In Jakarta to find the best street food from Indonesia.

Stay safe with non-meat food

Well, if you are still afraid with the certainty of halal food in Jakarta, you should stay safe with many kinds of Indonesian foods made from vegetables, such as, gado–gado, mie goreng (fried noodle), nasi goreng (fried rice), tumis kangkung (kangkung sauté), tempe (soya cake), and tofu.  If you hate vegetables, you can also try seafood. There are many seafood restaurants in Jakarta. In fact, all of them sell halal Indonesian food in Jakarta. One of the most famous seafood restaurants is D’COST SEA FOOD. You can find many D’COST SEAFOOD branches along Jakarta streets. Meanwhile, the most famous D’COST SEAFOOD is located in Kemang, South Jakarta.

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