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20 Best Indonesian Dishes with Low Budget in Jakarta

Indonesian Dishes – Welcome to Jakarta Indonesia! Traveling to Jakarta can be cheap. You can find a lot of Indonesian dishes with low budget here. Usually, a capital city is always known as a very expensive place for living, but not for Jakarta.  Let’s check out the 20 best Indonesian dishes, best Indonesian foods, and, of course, the cheap Jakarta dishes. Here we go!

1.    Kerak Telor – The Popular Indonesian Traditional Food Jakarta

Kerak Telor is one of the best Indonesian traditional food from Betawi. You can find this food along the street in the tourism area Jakarta, Indonesia. This food tastes just like spicy omelet of chicken and duck egg. You can have one portion of Kerak Telor only around 15.000 rupiah. This low budget food is one of Indonesian dishes with rice. It is mixed with rice, serundeng (coconut granules), and fried shallots.

Kerak Telor Best Indonesian Dishes

2.    Nasi Padang – The Popular Indonesian Dishes

Nasi Padang Best Indonesian Dishes

Nasi Padang is one of popular Indonesian dishes with rice. Right! This is a very common food you can find around Indonesia, even though this food comes from Sumatera Island. This food is always served completely in your table. But don’t be trapped there because what you need is just to eat Nasi Padang with egg and a bit of savory broth in order to get the cheapest one. You should not add more meat because you have to pay more than 15.000 rupiah for this Indonesian dish. Everywhere around Indonesia, you can find Padang-inspired Indonesian restaurant and nasi Padang is readily available for order. But if you visiting Jakarta, you can try this Indonesian dish in the Simay Rumah Makan Padang atau Padang Merdeka.

3.    Kue Cubit Jakarta – Indonesian Cake

This mushy cake is very famous and modernized. We can say that this cake is like a half baked cake. The cake is called “Kue Cubit” (pinch cake) because of its small size and one has to pinch it to eat it. If you are curious to know how to make this cake, you can see so many tutorials on YouTube channels about Indonesian food. For the price, you can buy this food for around 10.000 rupiah, depends on what topping that you want. One of the famous places to buy Kue Cubit is Pinch Me which is located at Jalan Bintaro Utama, Sektor 5, Pondok Aren, Jakarta.

4.    Gado – Gado, The Famous Indonesian Food Jakarta

Gado-Gado Best Indonesian Dishes

This Indonesian dishes is full of vegetarian ingredients mixed with peanut sauce, and, lontong (compressed rice cake). You can buy this food around 10.000 rupiah. Just go to Pasar Tanah Abang, Blok A, Lantai 8, Food Court, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang, Jakarta to get the best one.

5.    Ketoprak – Indonesian Traditional Street Food

By only around 15.000 rupiah, you can get Ketoprak. This one of Indonesian traditional foods can be easily found in street food market in Jakarta. The ingridients in this food are tofu, white noodles, cucumber, and bean sprouts. Just like Gado – gado, Ketoprak is completed by peanut sauce.

Ketoprak Best Indonesian Dishes

6.    Roti Bakar Jakarta – The Common Food with Some Variants

This is a common food in Indonesia, but you can easily get more variants of taste if you try Roti Bakar in Jakarta. Roti Bakar is toasted slice bread that is browned by the exposure of radiant heat.  Find the best Roti Bakar of Jakarta in Roti Bakar Edi, which is located in Jalan Raden Patah, Blok M, Jakarta.

7.    Toge Goreng – Betawi Vegetarian Food

Let’s see other Indonesian food menu in Jakarta. You can try Indonesian traditional food called Toge Goreng. This is a vegetarian food made from tofu and rice cake (compressed rice cake) mixed with yellow noodle and, of course, toge or tauge (bean sprouts). You can buy this food below 30.000 rupiah, and you can easily find it around Pasar Tanah Abang Jakarta.

Toge Goreng Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

8.    Asinan Jakarta – Indonesian Vegetarian Dishes

Asinan Best Indonesian Dishes

You can find this Indonesian food menu at Asinan Betawi H. Mansyur for the best one. This place is located in Jalan Taman Kamboja 3 Number 10, Rawamangun – Jakarta. Just like Gado – Gado and Toge Goreng, Asinan Jakarta which originally comes from Betawi is the best food for vegetarian. It contains mustard, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, and lettuce mixed with peanut and vinegar sauce.

Asinan Jakarta Best Indonesian Dishes

9.    Seblak – Indonesian Spicy Food

If you are curious with this Indonesian food recipe, just go to YouTube because many Indonesian food bloggers made tutorial videos about this food. This is very spicy dish made of wet Indonesian crackers (kerupuk), mixed with egg, chicken, vegetables, sausage, meat, or seafood. Although this food is not originally come from Jakarta, you can easily find Seblak in Jalan Pejaten Raya, 1 Jakarta, in Pasar Mingu area. The price is very cheap, just below 15.000 rupiah.

Seblak Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta Indonesia

10.    Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam is chicken noodles with mustard and vegetable. The price is usually under 20.000 rupiah. If you dislike the original Mie Ayam, you can find many sellers who also provide you many variations of Indonesian food menu.

Mie Ayam Best Indonesian Cuisine

11.    Martabak Manis

You can also see this on Indonesian food menu as Terang Bulan Cake. It is made from flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, and yeast roasted in special thick iron skillet until the dough becomes evenly cooked. You can buy this dish start from around 20.000 rupiah for the big size. You can find it on Jalan Boulevard Selatan, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

Martabak Manis Best Indonesia Dishes

Martabak Manis Best Indonesian Dishes

12.    Siomay

Siomay is also considered as a cheap Indonesian dishes in Jakarta. Usually, people sell this dish at food truck or at the street food market. This food is made from steamed fish, shaped like meatball, and served with vegetables and peanut sauce. It only costs around 8.500 rupiah. To taste this cheap Indonesian dishes, let’s go to Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok WA 11, 33, Kelapa Gading.

Siomay Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

13.    Batagor

Batagor comes from sentence of “Bakso Tahu Goreng”. So, this food is actually a meat ball inside a fried tofu. The meat ball is made from of Tenggiri fish meat, but it sometimes can be Tuna fish. Siomay and Batagor, they are just like best friends. So, if you want to buy Siomay you will find Batagor too. Both of them are also considered as low budget Indonesian dishes in Jakarta.

Batagor Best Indonesian Dishes

14.    Bubur Ayam

Because this food is a very common food in Indonesia, there are not many Indonesian food bloggers who review this food. This is very soft rice, or we can say mush or porridge rice, combined with chicken and usually Soto soup. It only costs you below 15.000 rupiah.

Bubur Ayam Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

15.    Gorengan

Fried tofu, fried tempe (soya cake), fried cassava, all of them are called as Gorengan. One piece of gorengan only costs 1.000 rupiah. We can say that Gorengan is a truly low budget food in Jakarta. Gorengan is the popular Indonesian food street.

16.    Otak – Otak Bakar

This Indonesian dishes is made from fish as the core ingredient, Indonesian usually call it Ikan Tenggiri. This fish is mixed with some ingredients and wrapped in banana leaf. Then, it is burned above a fire. The most famous one is Otak – otak in Binatu AN, located in Jalan A.M Sangaji, Central Jakarta. You can buy this dish only around 7.500 rupiah.

Otak-otak Bakar Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

17.    Sate Thaican

Sate Thaican Best Indonesian Dishes

Sate or Satay is a food made from beef or chicken meat which is grilled on skewer and wounded around very small bamboo. But, for Sate Thaican, only chicken meat is used. That’s why it looks like white satay. While eating this satay, it can be accompanied by Lontong (compressed rice cake) and, of course, poured with peanut sauce. The thing that makes Satay Tahichan different from other kind of satay is that you can taste savory and sour and flavors, combined with spicy flavor. However, there is no accurate data to explain why this food is called as Thaican. If you want to taste it, let’s go to Sate Taichan Bang Ocit in Senayan to feel the crowded place and most wanted Sate Thaican.

18.    Kue Pancong

Every Indonesian food which is named Kue is a kind of cake. It is simply because kue means cake. So, Kue Pancong obviously means Pancong Cake. The thing that makes Kue Pancong different from all other cakes is that Kue Pancong is made from wheat flour. This food is a very low budget food in Jakarta because you no need to pay more than 15.000 rupiah for it. There are many places that sell Kue Pancong. To find one of the best Kue Pancong, you can try Pancong Bro which is located at Jalan Kebon Jeruk 13, Kemanggisan Jakarta. Here you can try Kue Pancong with many topping variations.

Kue Pancong Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

19.    Kue Tetek

You will never find this cake, except if you are traveling to Jakarta. Because of the shape, people called it as Kue Tetek (Nipple Cake). But, the shape is also similar with pancake. Kue Tetek is made from many ingredients, but the core ingredient is coconut. This is one of best Indonesian dishes in Jakarta

Kue Tetek Ape Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

20.    Soto Betawi

If you want Indonesian dishes to try in Jakarta, you can try to eat Soto Betawi. This is an Indonesian traditional food that can be found freely available in many places in Indonesia. That’s why you can find this Indonesian food with many variants. However, the best Soto Betawi, which is made from meat and soup, can be found in Jl. Raya Rawabuntu, Serpong, Jakarta owned by Haji Mamat.

Soto Betawi Best Indonesian Dishes Soto Betawi Best Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

There are the 20 best Indonesian dishes with low budget if you go to Jakarta. There also so many places that is not included but you can discover by yourself and share with us. Hope you have a nice trip with other best Indonesian dishes and full stomach.

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