7 Most Expensive Indonesian Foods in Jakarta

Most Expensive Indonesian Foods – Jakarta is a heaven for food travelers. You can find many expensive Indonesian foods this tourism city. Jakarta offers various kind of Indonesian cuisines which can satisfy your desire. Many local people and tourists are seeking for Indonesia’s best traditional food in Jakarta. To fulfill the desire of tasting the ultimate taste of Indonesian foods, many restaurants try to provide Indonesian foods menu with the best quality. Not only providing the most delicious Indonesian traditional foods, the restaurants also offer exclusive fine dining in luxurious and comfortable places. Besides providing the delicious foods, the restaurants also give us amazing experience in enjoying the premium taste of expensive Indonesian foods. This is why the price of the food is relatively expensive compared to others. We have listed the most expensive Indonesian foods in Jakarta which can satisfy your tongue.

Restaurants with expensive Indonesian foods


Otak-otak is a traditional dish consumed as snack by local people. Although “otak” literally means “brain”, this dish does not use any of animal brain as the ingredient. Otak-otak is made from tapioca starch, fish, and mixed Indonesian traditional spices. The price of Otak-otak is usually Rp. 1.500 each. If you love to taste the premium taste of Otak-otak, you can visit Bunga Rampai Restaurant in Teuku Cik Ditiro Street Number 35, Menteng, Jakarta. This restaurant provides the most expensive Otak-otak in town, Otak-otak Tangkai Tebu. It is made from Tenggiri fish and served with spring onion and sweet and sour sauce which costs you Rp. 63.000.

Ayam Taliwang

One of Indonesian traditional foods you have to try while you travel to Indonesia is Ayam Taliwang. Ayam Taliwang originates from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province. Ayam Taliwang is chicken seasoned with traditional spices. You can get the finest of Ayam Taliwang in Bengawan, The Keraton at The Plaza  at MH Thamrin Street, Jakarta. This Ayam Taliwang, which is one of the most expensive Indonesian Foods in Jakarta, costs Rp. 295.000.

Tongseng Lamb Chop 1945

Tongseng is curry-like soup made from goat meat mixed with vegetables and sweet soy sauce and traditional spices. The taste is very strong because it uses many kinds of spices. If you want to taste the finest Tongseng in Town, you should visit 1945 Restaurant in Fairmont Jakarta Hotel located in Asia Afrika Street Number 8, Senayan, Jakarta. It provides Tongseng Lamb Chop, a sous vide lamb chip that is deep fried and served over stir fried vegetables in Tongseng sauce which costs you Rp. 320.000..


Lodeh is a soup made from coconut milk and mixed vegetables, such as, jackfruit, eggplant, chayote, melinjo, and long beans. 1945 Restaurant provides tantalizing Lodeh made from young vegetables with tofu and tempe (soya cake) in a delicate coconut milk soup. You can enjoy this high quality Indonesian cuisine in a very excellent and luxurious place for Rp. 140.000.

Boentoet Balado and Sop Boentoet Nyonya Besar

Boentoet or Buntut (oxtail) is one of Indonesian’s most favorite dish. If you want to try the best Buntut you can visit Kembang Goela in Plaza Sentral, Jenderal Sudirman Street, Sudirman, Jakarta. This restaurant provides two expensive Indonesian foods, they are Sop Boentoet Nyonya Besar and Boentoet Balado. Sop Boentoet Nyonya Besar, a deep-fried oxtail soup mixed with vegetables and served with bitter nut crackers, costs for Rp. 190.000 Meanwhile, Boentoet Balado, a deep fried oxtail spiced with red chili relished, costs for Rp. 200.000.

Ikan Udang Bakar Jimbaran

If you are seafood lovers, you should try Ikan Udang Bakar Jimbaran. It is an original recipe from Bali of char-grilled assortment of barramundi served with Sambal Mata. You don’t need to travel to Bali to taste the delicious Ikan Udang Bakar Jimbaran. Harum Manis restaurant, in Apartemen Pavilion, KH Mas Mansyur Street , Sudirman, Jakarta, provides this expensive Indonesian food for Rp. 365.000.

Gulai Fish-Head Tasik

Gulai is a dish with thick curry sauce made from many various spices. Gulai Fish Head Tasik is made from head of snapper fish stewed with flavorful thick spicy and sour coconut milk gravy. You can find this expensive Indonesian food at Seribu Rasa restaurant, which is located in Haji Agus Salim Street, Number 128, Menteng, Jakarta. Gulai Fish Head Tasik costs Rp. 175.000.

Those are the most expensive Indonesian foods that you can find in Jakarta. For your information, the price of the foods mentioned above does not include taxes. Besides that, the prices may have changed occasionally.

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