The 7 Lunch and Dinner Menu in Malang

Lunch and Dinner Menu – Again and again, we are going to give you some of the Best Indonesia foods. Now, let’s travel to Malang. Malang is a city located in East Java Province in Indonesia. Malang is the place where you can see the beautiful mountains along the city and you can also find many secret beaches. That’s why Malang is considered as one of Indonesia’s best tourism destinations.  Besides famous with its natural tourism destinations, Malang is also famous with the “mall of friendship” called Malang Town Square Mall or MATOS. Inside that mall, you can find many unique foods. However, if you hate mall atmosphere, you can try to have lunch and dinner in Malang street food market, best cafe in Malang, fine dining in Malang with very low budget, which are located around Malang. To get the best lunch and dinner menu in Malang, let’s check this one out!

Bakso Bakar (Grilled Meatball)

Bakso Bakar Malang Lunch and Dinner Menu


This is the first food that you have to eat while you are in Malang. Bakso Bakar or grilled meatball is considered as one of recommended foods in Malang. There are many variations of this food. You can eat the grilled one, or it can also be served with the soup. Both variations tastes good. But, let’s try this grilled one first. You can taste the best grilled meatball in one of the best restaurants in Malang, Javanine Malang, which is located at Jalan Pahlawan Trip A5. This food can be choosen both for your dinner and lunch.

Mie Klunthoeng

Mie Klunthoeng Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


Nothing’s better than a bowl of fried or soup noodles with fried egg. If you are a noodle lover, Mie Klunthoeng is a place you cannot miss. The famous Mie Klunthoeng can only be found in Pupuk Bawang Cafe. The cozy cafe and dining is located 30 minutes from Malang city. If you come to Pupuk Bawang Cafe, you will get free popcorn while waiting for your food come.

Iga Cobek Asap Pedas

Iga Cobek Asap Pedas Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


Iga Cobek Asap Pedas is a food made from smoked short ribs with spicy flavor. Don’t be shocked to know that commonly many Indonesian foods have spicy flavors. Try to taste Indonesian foods with spicy taste and later you will get used to it and you will fell the true taste of Indonesian foods.  If you are interested in spicy foods, you have to visit Gardenia Resto Malang which is one of the best restaurants in serving Iga Cobek Asap Pedas (smoked ribs with traditiona spicy flavor). This restaurant is part of the best restaurant in Malang which is located at Jalan Bandung.

Ayam Geprek

Ayam Geprek Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


Ayam Geprek is one of the best Indonesian foods and travel choice. Ayam Geprek is fried chicken served with flakes and very spicy chili around the chicken. This food is eaten with rice becauae Indonesian can never eat without rice. There are many cafes which sell Ayam Geprek that you can find in Malang. But, the famous one is Ayam Geprek Sambal Bawang. The different from other common ones comes from the chili and the seasoning that they use. Sambal Bawang means traditional onion and chili sauce. So, the chili is combined together with the onion. The restaurant is located in Jalan Kertorahayu 42 and  Gajayana 534, Malang.

Rawon Nguling

Rawon Nguling Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


This is a black soup made from Kluwak (Indonesian traditional spice). Just like the common soup, this soup is also made from meat and served with rice, the best partner of Indonesian food. In Malang, Rawon is the best dinner menu for so many people. You can find this Indonesian food in many places, but Depot Rawon Nguling in Jalan Zainal Arifin 62 Klojen, Malang will surely satisfy both your tongue and your stomach if eat this soup as lunch menu.

Jank – Jank : Chicken Wings in Malang

Jank Jank Chicken Wings Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


This food is a kind of fast food in Indonesia. Jank – Jank cafe provides chicken wings as the main menu. The thing that makes this food different to any other fast food is that you can choose the level of the spiciness. You can choose the level of spiciness started from spicy, very spicy, and extremely spice, depends on your taste. However, you have to wait for a while to get into the café in the crowded hour. This is because there are many people want to eat these chicken wings. Don’t worry about the price, here you can have you lunch and dinner menu for a low budget food. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to Jalan Bunga Coklat Number 1 in Malang to find this one of the best cafe in Malang, the Jank – Jank Café.

Sop Ayam Pak Min

Sop Ayam Pak Min Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia


Let’s try a bowl chicken soup in Sop Ayam Pak Min in Klaten. You can eat this soup for lunch and dinner menu. This chicken soup originally comes from Klaten, but this soup is very famous that you can also find and taste this famous soup in Malang. Just like any other common soup, this soup is made from chicken and delicious traditional seasonings. This is considered as one of the best restaurant in Malang which is located in Ruko Dinoyo, Jalan MT Haryono. It only takes 30 minutes drive from Harris hotel Malang.

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