Night Dishes Surabaya Indonesia

The 6 Night Dishes for Dinner in Surabaya

Night Dishes – Surabaya is a city located in East Java which is known as the “city of heroes” due to its contribution in the struggle for Indonesia’s Independence. The people here are famous as Bonek, or Bondo Nekat, because they are very brave in doing anything in their daily lives. You can try to make this food and browsing the recipes. But if you a traveler and you didn’t bring cookware, you can visit cafe or restaurant in Surabaya. Finding night dishes for dinner in Surabaya is very easy. Let’s try the best menu of Indonesian night dishes in Surabaya.

Rujak Achmad Jaiz

Rujak Achmad Jaiz Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya


Rujak is a kind of Javanese Salad in Indonesia. It contains of tofu, tempe (soya cake), and many kind of fruits with palm sugar and peanut sauce. Usually, Rujak is considered as of low budget food and also street food culinary.
Different with any other Rujak, Rujak Achmad Jaiz is considered as an exclusive one. Normally, a portion of common Rujak costs around Rp15,000. Meanwhile, a portion of Rujak Cingur Achmad Jaiz costs about Rp50,000. This is reasonable because this kind of Rujak uses the meat from a mouth of a cow.. Don’t worry about the price because it is worth the taste, it is very delicious. What are you waiting for? Get this Rujak at Jalan Achmad Jais 40, Surabaya. It is located around 30-minutes from Jamoo Shangri La Surabaya

Rawon Kalkulator

Rawon Kalkulator Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya Indonesia


Rawon is a black soup contains of meat, and it is served by a kalkulator (calculator). This food is called as Rawon Kalkulator because of the unique way of the waiters while they are counting how much money the visitors should pay. The waiters there are able count the bills without using calculator, but they can quickly say the answer accurately. If you travel to Surabaya, you have to visit this place because this place very near with the famous place, Taman Bungkul Surabaya. This place is located about 30 minutes through Darmo street from JW Marriot Hotel Surabaya.

Seafood Kapasan

Seafood Kapasan Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya Indonesia

Source: by Queenyo

If you are seafood hunters, you can taste seafood in Kapasan Surabaya. The restaurant has complete seafood menu. You can take your time as food culinary enthusiast in Indonesia. You can also taste many the best Indonesian foods and best Indonesian dishes there that you won’t regret.

Bebek Purnama

Bebek Purnama Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya Indonesia


This food is grilled duck with sambal (Indonesian traditional spicy sauce). You can find this food in a place called Bebek Purnama. This very famous place is only opened at night for your dinner.  Be careful while you are looking for Bebek Purnama because you can find many street food places that sell this kind of food. The original one is located in Jalan Dinoyo Number 4 Surabaya. This street food has been established since 1992 and it is still existed until now. This is one of popular night dishes in Surabaya. Although the place is far to be called as a restaurant, this place is still famous as Surabaya original street food.

Tahu Tek Pak Jayen

Tahu Tek Pak Jayen Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya Indonesia


This Indonesian dish is located near Surabaya University and Surabaya Mall, which are Universitas Airlangga and Galaxy Mall. This food is cooked fried tofu, bite size lontong (compressed fried rice), fried potato, bean sprouts, slices of cucumber, and it is poured with peanut sauce. Tahu Tek Pak Jayen is the a very famous place. The name of this place is named after the owner Pak Jayen. Besides that, the reason why “tek” added is because of the sound when the scissors cutting the ingredients into pieces.

Spicy Abon Cakalang

Spicy Abon Cakalang Night Dishes for Dinner Surabaya Indonesia


You can also taste other Indonesian food in Surabaya which is originated from anoother city. Let’s add Spicy Abon Cakalang as one of food you have to try when you travel to Surabaya. Spicy Abon Cakalang is made from fried Cakalang fish, with additional traditional chili sauce like other Indonesian spicy food. Spicy Abon Cakalang is available in Kudos Cafe Surabaya. This cafe is very cozy and new .Let’s go to Pakuwon Square AK 2 No 3.

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