Asagao Cafe House Tangerang Jakarta

ASAGAO Coffee House: A Japanese-themed in Tangerang, Jakarta

ASAGAO Coffee House – Did you know that Tangerang is known as the suburb of Jakarta with the most coffee shop joints in Indonesia? Oh yes, that’s a fact and I, as Tangerang-er, am very proud of it. ASAGAO Coffee House Tangerang is one of the hypest coffee shops here with the concept of minimalist decoration with the touch of Japan. As I and my friend entered the industrial-like black sliding door, we were directly greeted with its clean, cozy, modern Japanese ambience. White walls decorated with frames, black board, writings and woody furniture make it lively and warm. Here my ASAGAO coffee house review.

The staffs were friendly and one of them willingly helped me with my questions of which one is the favorite drink, with coffee, ice, photogenic look, and so not ordinary. He offered the dessert which I had to decline (at first) because I’m on a strict diet that lasted for…….an hour. Took me an hour debating with my inner self to finally order ASAGAO coffee house menu, the doughnut of the day: Cookies n’ Cream (IDR 25k) then quickly went back to my table with a ‘walk of shame’. Diet always starts tomorrow, yes?

Asagao Coffee House Tangerang Jakarta

My favorite on the menu in this Tangerang cafe is Kori Kohi (IDR 35k) and to simplify, it is a drink consisting of coffee ice cubes with milk on the side (quite creative and innovative, right?!). You gotta pour the milk yourself according to your liking and as the coffee ice cubes begin to melt, it is where you start to…….WAIT. Why? Because you have to be patient enough for the coffee ice cubes to melt completely or at least partially for them to blend well with the milk. They served it in a transparent glass on a wooden board and that makes it real Instagrammable.

Asagao Coffee House Tangerang Jakarta

I also tried the Iced Chocolate (IDR 33k), which tasted more milky and creamy than chocolate-y. If you’re a fan of milk chocolate and not dark chocolate, then you’ll absolutely dig this. This is such a match made in heaven for a sweet tooth in a hot day. I tried their doughnut (that I previously declined), and boy I did not regret failing on keeping my strict diet today. The perfect amount of sweetness with the right chewiness and crunch is not something that I should say sayonara to.

Asagao Coffee House Tangerang Jakarta

As ASAGAO is quite spacious and relaxed with an addition of chill music, you will tend to overstay. That day, I even spent 6 hours with two drinks, fully charged laptop, acoustic playlist on play, a real tight deadline, and an ignored friend. As I glanced a bit to my left and right, I spotted university students, couple, and even mid 40’s men hanging out at ASAGAO. I counted that 4 out of 8 customers ordered Kori Kohi and I said to myself “Good job, you chose the right drink to post on Instagram and Path”.

Sitting down for too long did weary me a bit, so I stood up and made a quick trip to the restroom. As I went back to my table, I stumbled upon the aesthetic grey walls. Without a doubt, I shamelessly asked my previously ignored friend to take a snap of me pretending to look away holding an empty cup. One of my to-do-list at coffee shop was quickly ticked off; take a good shot of you holding a cup of coffee with an awkward pose.

Asagao Coffee House Tangerang Jakarta

As it is getting late, I realized that it is time to go back home and start giving attention to my friend. Without work deadlines, this is the place where you can chill with your friends for hours. And of course, for the Instagram-addict, do take a seat near the big windows, the natural lights will help improve the quality of your photos (as if it is captured by an expensive ) Yes, your face will look as glow-y and dew-y as Japanese high school girls in the summer .

Overall, I recommend this place if you are looking for a cafe where the wifi is okay, the place is uncrowded with a touch of minimalistic design and decent drinks and snacks. If you have Indonesia trip and you have plan to visit Tangerang, don’t forget to enjoy coffee in ASAGAO Coffee House. Subarashīdesu!

Asagao Coffee House Tangerang Jakarta

ASAGAO Coffee House「コーヒーいつ でも」

Address:          Ruko Graha Boulevard A No.9, Summarecon Gading Serpong, Kec. Tangerang, Banten 15810

Opening Hours:           8:00 – 20:00

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