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Best Food to Eat and Gifts from Yogyakarta

Food to Eat – A trip is not a trip if you doesn’t bring gift or food of the places that you visit. Sometime the gift itself can be food or something. In Yogyakarta, there are so many best food and gift in Indonesia. There are also tasty food and best things to eat that you wanted to bring back home. Best food to eat and gift from Yogyakarta are usually Bakpia and Yangko. People always know that if you visit jogja, you must try bakpia or yangko. But there also Dagadu which is a local brand that sell many gift. In this article, we will give you list of what great food and gift to bring back home :

Bakpia Pathok

If you confuse to find what to eat in Yogyakarta you can try to eat Bakpia. Bakpia come from a place name Pathuk in Yogyakarta. The shape of Bakpia is round and small with many variety of flavor. Bakpia is also a great food to eat if you just want to eat it like a snack in Jogja Indonesia.

Bakpia Best Food to Eat and Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

To find this unique Indonesian food to eat is not that hard, you can visit Jalan Glahasari and come to Bakpia Kurnia Sari to buy these famouse food. Bakpia has flavor of : soy bean, milk, cheese, coffee and green tea. The price of Bakpia is ranging at Rp 28.000,00 to Rp 38.000,00 per box. There also Bakpia 25 that have premium quality of Bakpia. The range of Bakpia 25 is Rp 25.000,00 to Rp 45.000,00. Sometimes you also got discount for it.


Yangko Jogja Best Food to Eat and Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

This one of typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta is made from Glutinouse Rice Flour. It has tiny rectangular shape. Yangko is a food that made in Kotagede Yogyakarta, and you can find it easily because almost all the souvenirs at the center of Yogyakarta provide this tasty food to eat. It is made of glutinous rice flour as the main ingredient. When eaten, it will feel soft, slightly chewy on the tongue and has a sweet taste. If you have tried moci cake from Bogor, it has the same feeling and taste.

The best place to find Yangko is in Kotagede area. Because Kotagede is the place where yangko is made in the first place. You can visit one of the places to eat Yangko in Kotagede area. Yangko is sell at varies prices, ranging at Rp 8.000,00 to Rp 10.000,00 per box.


Geplak Jogja Best Food to Eat and Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

Geplak is great food to eat that made from coconut, sugar, flour and rice or glutinous rice flour. This snacks are typical food of Bantul, a district in Yogyakarta are well known as the City of Geplak. Characteristics of typical food Jogja is to have a sweet taste, so it is with Geplak. Best way to eat Geplak is when it still warm.

Nowadays, you can find this food of Yogyakarta in a variety of colors, ranging from durian, strawberry, to orange. At first, Geplak made using cane sugar and give gray-white color. Or, if using coconut sugar will give Geplak brownish color. This Yogyakarta Food is very easily found at various centers selling typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta.

In Bantul, you can find Geplak at a store that is also a manufacturer named store Geplak Jago. Its location in Jln. Wachid Hashim, Bantul. Along this road, there are also shops Geplak mBok tumpuk. In general, Geplak sold in the price range of Rp 16.000 per kg. But of course the price will move higher in the current holiday season or holiday.

Kain Batik

Malioboro Kain Batik Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

Beringharjo is one of the largest and most comprehensive batik market in Yogyakarta. Batik fabric is an best gifts when you visit Yogyakarta city to take back home, as it really captures the true heart of the Indonesian culture. Batik has been practiced for years and it is part of an ancient tradition. This market is a region with a tourist icon Malioboro in Yogyakarta. In the development of this market is a traditional market with a modern structure although has been established since 1758 after the establishment of Kraton Ngayogyarta. There are some Yogyakarta hotels in Malioboro street. So, you can take a rest in hotel after buy some souvenirs in Malioboro.

In this market, visitors will find a variety of Yogyakarta souvenirs, snacks and even clothing with different price levels. When entering this market, visitors will be treated to a wide variety of motif that has been sewn with a variety of models and sizes. On the ground floor of this market, visitors can obtain kain batik with different styles and options. By order kiosks that have been arranged so that visitors can come to each stall according to taste. There are stalls selling batik clothing such as pajamas, shirt and bedspreads. If you want to buy batik, you need the ability to bargain to get batik preferably at an affordable cost. But in general, the prices offered in the market batik is reasonably priced.


You can book affordable shared and private Yogyakarta tour to discover this beautiful city. Before you go home, you can buy some souvenirs in Dagadu. Dagadu is a brand that selling all souvenirs that include shirt, keychain, wallet, bag and all of the souvenir thing in Yogyakarta. There is so many Dagadu stuff that you can find in Yogyakarta. However, the main outlets Dagadu you can find Unit Gawat Dagadu (UGD) located at Jalan Pakuningratan (deket Tugu). Here is where a variety of shirts Dagadu in creative variants were created and became part of the typical souvenirs of Jogja that will interest you.

Dagadu Jogja Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

Cokelat Monggo

Monggo Chocolate Best Food to Eat and Gifts Yogyakarta Indonesia

Cokelat Monggo is chocolate from Jogja, formulated by a guy from Belgium named Thiery Detournay. This chocolate has a high taste and unique, such as Like a typical Belgian chocolates. Monggo Chocolate available in a variety of delicious flavors, ranging from the Dark, Praline, until Red Chili and Orange Pee. All the variants of this Monggo Brown products made with raw cocoa bean native to Indonesia. You can go to a showroom and factory where chocolate is processed in Kotagede area, there of course you can buy chocolate Monggo although now easily found in various places souvenirs in Yogyakarta.

That is the best Yogyakarta food to eat and gift that you must buy to bring back home if you travel to asia especially Indonesia. Some of these food is tasty and sweet. And it also have a unique flavor that no other food has. This list of best food to eat and gifts from Yogyakarta is made to make travelers like you can taste the food to eat and gift of Yogyakarta. Hope you have a nice trip and great food to eat.

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