Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

The 7 Traditional Healthy Drinks You Have to Taste When Visiting Bandung

Traditional Healthy Drinks – As it has been known to many people, Bandung is popular with the beautiful natural sceneries and a cool atmosphere. But not only that, Bandung is also the center of Sundanese culture which rich of traditional culinary. If you visiting Bandung, you can try some delicious Sundanese foods and traditional healthy drinks that are fresh, unique, and healthy. What kind of traditional healthy drinks which are worth to taste in Bandung? Here is the list for you.


Bandrek Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Bandrek is the most popular traditional Sundanese drinks of West Java. Usually served as hot drinks, this beverage can keep the body warm in the cold weather of Bandung. This drink is made of natural spices such as ginger, brown sugar, pepper, lemongrass, and cinnamons. The ingredients of Bandrek create a spicy flavor which can increase the temperature of the body. For Sundanese people, Bandrek popular as healthy drinks which believed can lower blood pressure, helps digestion, and neutralize free radicals in the body. When you visiting Bandung, you can taste the delicious flavor of Bandrek in most of the local restaurants around the city. You can also buy Bandrek instant as souvenirs.


Bajigur Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Another popular traditional Sundanese drink from Bandung is Bajigur. Similar with Bandrek, Bajigur is very suitable to drink when the weather is cold. This hot-served drink is made from coconut milk and palm sugar mixture. Usually, this beverage is also served along with a hint of ginger, vanilla, and salt to create the special flavors. Because all of the ingredients of Bajigur is made from herbal, Bajigur can be classified as healthy drinks which have several benefits for the body. If in the past Bajigur is paddled around by the seller, now you can find Bajigur in most of the traditional Sundanese restaurants in Bandung. But if you want to taste the most popular Bajigur or Bandrek in this town, you should go to Bajigur Bandrek Two AA which is located at Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani, Batununggal, Bandung.

Ronde Alkateri

Ronde Alkateri Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Actually, Ronde is a traditional drink that comes from Java. But in Bandung, this beverage has been very popular among the people. Ronde is steeping ginger water which contains the starch ball called ronde. The starch ball usually contains peanut butter and served with roasted beans and pieces of bread. If you visiting Bandung, you have to taste the most popular Ronde in the town, Ronde Alkateri. You can find Ronde Alkateri in a restaurant located at Jl. Alkateri which usually open at night. These healthy drinks are very suitable to be consumed while enjoying the cold atmosphere of Bandung.

Lembang Fresh Milk

Lembang Fresh Milk Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Located in the north of Bandung, the highland of Lembang is well-known as fresh cow milk producer. There are many restaurants of cafes which serve fresh milk as the main drink menu. We can count Lembang fresh milk as the healthy drinks because it is milked directly from the farms and processed in a hygienic way. The fresh milk is very delicious both served as hot drinks and cold drinks. After tired walking around in some tourist spots situated in Lembang area, it is better if you stop for a moment to rest and enjoy the fresh Lembang cow milk.

Yoghurt Cisangkuy

Yoghurt Cisangkuy Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Yoghurt is one of healthy drinks which made of fermented milk and has a sour flavor. In Bandung, there is a legendary yoghurt restaurant that is very popular called Yoghurt Cisangkuy. For you who don’t like sour flavors, you don’t have to be worry because the flavor of Yogurt Cisangkuy is not too sour and even a little sweet and not too condensed. There are 25 kinds of flavors available such as strawberry, lychee, vanilla, mocha, grape, and durian. If you are interested, you can find this yoghurt at Jl. Cisangkuy near of Gedung Sate, Bandung.

Cendol Elizabeth

Cendol Elizabeth Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

If you look for the legendary traditional healthy drinks in Bandung, you should taste cendol ice. Cendol is typical Sundanese drinks made from rice flour colored by green dye suji leaves served with coconut milk and melted brown sugar. The most popular cendol ice in Bandung is Cendol Elizabeth which has existed since 1984. The name Elizabeth comes from the first selling location which located in front of Elizabeth bag store. The natural composition and chemicals free processing are the special quality of this beverage. The original Cendol Elizabeth is located at Jl. Inhoftank, Bandung.

Goyobod Ice

Goyobod Ice Traditional Healthy Drinks Bandung

Do you want a traditional Sundanese dessert? You can try Goyobod ice which is made of hunkwe flour that cut into cubes and mixed with coconut milk and brown sugar, sometimes served with coconut, avocado, pieces of bread and fermented cassava (tapai). One of the most popular Goyobod ice in Bandung located near to Pasar Baru, the largest clothes market in Bandung. This legendary beverage is one of the traditional healthy drinks that you have to taste when you come to Bandung.

So, prepare sufficient funds and an empty stomach when you visiting Bandung because you will be pampered with a variety of delicious foods and drinks over there. Enjoy your holiday and satisfy your taste!

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