Adventure Trips in Lombok with Unforgettable Moments

Adventure Trips in Lombok with Unforgettable Moments

Adventure Trips – Who does not know Lombok? Lombok Island is one of the islands in Indonesia that can give you an unforgettable experience. Lombok, Indonesia is considered as one of best Indonesia tourism destinations because Lombok island has some famous attractions. One of the Lombok attractions is Lombok’s beaches. Some of famous lombok beach  are Gili Trawangan, and Senggigi. To have trip to Lombok, you can use travel or go by yourself with plane or ship. There are so many trips that offer adventure travel services to travel in Lombok. If you want to make your own adventure trips, we can offer you some Lombok guide or adventure to go so that your holiday in Lombok will be unforgettable. Here are some adventure trips venues and things to do in Lombok.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is one of the famous Gili Islands in Lombok, all of Lombok travel are providing trip to this dyke. Beside its beautiful beach, Gili Trawangan offers you some nice Lombok diving spot. Some diving courses are given by the hotel you visited in Gili Trawangan. There are many Lombok Diving shop that give some nice Lombok diving spot. These diving company has many diving instructor that speak France, German, Dutch, Spain, Rusian, Japan and others. So you can talk with your native languages to them, so you can feel comfortable with your adventure trips.

Some Lombok vacation package also give you diving trip. The cost of diving is commonly US 35$ for 1 fun dive and there are also US 5$ to charity for sustainability of the dyke. If you doesn’t have license, you must accompanied by dive master or Discover Scuba Dive (DSD). Before you go diving, they will inform you the theory of diving in a pool, but it cost you US $ 70 and you will be given certificate. With this diving experience, it will make your adventure trips in Lombok Indonesia definitely unforgettable!

Gili Air

Adventure Trips in Lombok Gili Air Beach

Gili Air is also one of many Gili Islands in Lombok, it is famous for its beach and honeymoon place if you have holiday in Lombok Indonesia. Gili Air is the island closest to the mainland and has more population than other dyke. Blending elements of the night crowd at once rest comfort can be found here. Yes, Gili Air is a combination of Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Gili Air still leaves many interesting spots to swim with clean and clear water. Swimming in Gili Air can certainly be a fun activity. While it’s fun to swim, do not forget to pay attention to the limit of areas that are allowed to swim. The further contours of the seafloor will increase the depth and of course will harm you.

There are a lot of things to do in Gili Air, Lombok. Once a while you can try to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the dyke in the morning or evening. Enjoy the stretch of white sand beach with a touch of sea water that closed by watching the sunset. When tired, you can see the beauty of the beach by sitting on the roots of mangrove trees that dangle into the sea.


The favorite Indonesia travel destination for the tourists is the beach. In the beach, the tourists can swimming, snorkeling, diving, or surfing. If you one to have private-like surfing place, then Kuta is well suited for you. Kuta Beach offer you the best Lombok surfing sport, and there also hidden place with the best waves that is still very isolated as some surfer called it as “Desert Point”. Kuta is Located in south Coast of Lombok Island. You can use Lombok travel to go to Kuta. Kuta Beach offer you the best quality of surf. To get this quality, you need to hire boat from locals to take you to the wave’s point.

Adventure Trips in Kuta Lombok Beach

There are 6 surfing Spot in Kuta and Sout Coast of Lombok that Lombok surfer like, which is Gerupuk Beach, Are Guling, Seger Beach, Ekas Bay, and Bangko bangko or “Desert Point” . First, Gerupuk Beach is located 7 km east Kuta. This beach also have 5 different spots which have various tide, wind and swell combination. And it is suited for you that want to learn surfing in this part of Lombok Indonesia. It will definitely give boost to your Adventure tours. Second, Are Guling located on the west side of Kuta, it can be accessed by boat and land. Mid to Low tides can see the inside section doubling up and barreling. Third, Seger Beach is located 2km from Kuta, it is famous for its short tubes and bowly wall when the swell drops.

Fourth, Ekas Bay is located east of Kuta and it offer very long rides and barrels on the inside of the right. The last place is Bangko Bangko or “Desert Point”. It is located south west coast of Lombok and give barrels of 20 seconds and 10 second tubes are common.

Senggigi Beach

If you didn’t not have time to Gili Islands Lombok you can go to Sengigi beach, the most famous beach on the island of Lombok, has the longest coastline. The access is also very easy because it is on the edge of the highway Senggigi. Senggigi Beach is very famous because it has the most beautiful sunset view in Indonesia.

Adventure Trips in Lombok Senggigi Beach

Sunset at Senggigi beach is indeed very beautiful. Along the highway Senggigi, there are several spots commonly used to enjoy the beach sunset Senggigi. In Sengigi, you will get a natural painting of twilight that is so fantastic. In the distance the Arjuna mountains in Bali look so tiny and add to the scenery and make it more beautiful. It is not only offer you a nice sightseeing beach, it also give you the kindness of the locals. It can make your adventure tours more relaxing, and they also offer some Lombok tour package. There are many choices of Lombok tour packages from the cheapest to most expensive.

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Gunung Rinjani Lombok Island Indonesia

If you are confused to where to go in Lombok, then Mountain Rinjani is your choice. Mount Rinjani is one of the prima donna in Lombok. Many climbers are eager to make the climb at the second highest volcano in Indonesia this. The natural landscape on this mountain will make you forget the land. If you have more time, it is highly recommended to do trekking to this mountain. Many argue that Rinjani offers the most beautiful trekking tours in Southeast Asia

In Rinjani mountain there is a natural lake whose beauty will make anyone fascinated. The lake is the lake Segara Anak. Enjoying the beauty of Segara Anak lake from the top of Mount Rinjani is an experience that will never be forgotten for life. Your Lombok trip will be perfect if you also visit Mount Rinjani.

You definitely want to feel this adventure trips right? What are you waiting for, let’s grab some adventure travel or go by yourself to get the most Unfogettable Moments Adventure Trips in Lombok. With this list, we hope that you will have things to do in Lombok, so you’ll not miss the amazing places in Lombok. These places are waiting for you to be explored and it is a must visit places for adventure to go. See you on the other side! And don’t forget to share your Lombok trip moments to your friend so your friends can enjoy it too!

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