Extreme Sports Bungee jump in Lombok Island Indonesia to get The Adrenaline Pumping

Try These Extreme Sports in Lombok to get The Adrenaline Pumping

Extreme Sports Lombok – Yogyakarta and Bali are the most visited provinces either for domestic tourists or foreign tourists. do you know that tourist destination such as extreme sports are not only available in Bali? You can also find those extreme sports in Lombok, Indonesia! So, let’s check this out what extreme sports that you dare to do and explore some places to visit that can make your adrenaline pumping from that sports in Lombok. Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably, Extreme Sports can be considered a sub-category of Adventure Sports, as well as the terms ‘Action Sport’ and ‘Adventurous Sport’ are also used. Lombok has bunch of activities & attractions you can see and do, from hard adventure tour such volcano trekking, diving, flyboarding, bungee jumping, and many others.

However, since 2014, tourists who come to Lombok Island increased significantly. Lombok island is an island that located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The capital of the island is the Mataram city. Tourists who come to Lombok island, not only from Asia country, America country, and Australia country, but also Middle East country have started to visit this Lombok Island. According to the Head of Culture and Tourism of West Nusa Tenggara, he said that the visitor from Middle East country has increased because of Lombok island became a halal tourist destination in the world in 2015. A combination of cheap hotels and good infrastructure has made Lombok an increasingly popular tourism destination.

River Tubing

River tubing Extreme Sports in Lombok Island Indonesia

Every either domestic or foreign tourist must have been familiar with this water extreme sports, is rafting. And, how about river tubing? Maybe for people, who love water extreme sports, already known this sports which called river tubing. River tubing is one of extreme sports that using float tire to exploring the whole river and each float tire is for one person only. To try this extreme sport, you have to go to Renget River, where is located in Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Suranadi, West Lombok. The location of Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Suranadi is not far from Mataram City, it takes about 1 hour by private vehicle or taxi.

The entrance ticket of Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Suranadi for domestic tourists is quite cheap about Rp. 5000,-, meanwhile for foreign tourists is Rp. 100.000,-. After entering Taman Wisata Alam (TWA), you have to do a soft trekking for 10 minutes to get to the start line which in Renget River, by passing beautiful views of the rice terraces. Before entering the river area, visitors who want to try this extreme sport are required to do warm up. The distance of this river track reaches about 2 km and Renget River has heavy current and steep rapids, so river tubing became one of extreme sports in Lombok. So, do you want to try this semi rafting?

Bungee Jumping

Extreme Sports Bungee jump in Lombok Island Indonesia to get The Adrenaline Pumping

Are you looking for extreme sports that can trigger your adrenaline rush? Or do you want to try a different sport that can be your first adrenaline experiences? Yep, exactly! Bungee jumping! If you want to know what free falling feels like then bungee jumping is the perfect extreme outdoor activity for you. When adrenaline junkies want to test their mettle, they don’t go for a Sunday stroll. They embark on the world’s most extreme adventures, tackling the highest climbs, deepest dives, and roughest rapids on the planet. If you are the adrenaline junkies, you can try this extreme sport in Lombok, Indonesia.

For extreme sports lovers, bungee jumping is something you have to do, especially in Gili Trawangan island. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the beach in Gili Trawangan by jumping from a height of tens of meters with legs tied. To try this extreme sport, you can ride it yourself or along with a guide called tandem, if you afraid. Before doing bungee jumping, your weight and height will be measured, and you must sign an approval letter. The terms and conditions for riding this extreme sport are not pregnant, do not have high blood pressure, do not have heart disease and asthma. So, for those of you who suitable with these terms and conditions, congratulations! You can try this most famous extreme sport. Unfortunately, you have to pay extra to try this extreme sport hobby.


Fly Boarding Extreme Sports in Lombok Island Indonesia

Do you want to be iron man on the water for a moment? If you say yay, you have to try this extreme sport which called flyboarding. Besides of trying bungee jumping in Gili Trawangan, you can also enjoy panorama beach at Gili Trawangan by riding this flyboarding. Flyboarding is one of water extreme sports that use jetpack which is connected with personal watercraft (PWC) and it can make you fly on the water by using the power which comes from the water. This flyboarding can make you fly up to 15 meters.

This extreme sport is safe for you who doesn’t have any experience yet. Because you will be trained about 10 minutes and after that, you have 20 minutes fly time with a professional instructor. Because this extreme sport need unusual machinery and also need a professional instructor, it makes you have to pay extra as similar as bungee jumping, which is about Rp. 700.000 – Rp. 975.000. For common people, they will say that is very expensive price. But for adrenaline junkies, they will pay for any amount to get new experience that will never be forgotten for them.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping Lombok island Indonesia

Unlike the extreme sport that have been explained before, this extreme sport categorized as cheap extreme sport, with a cheap price even free you can enjoy the magnificent view of Benang Stokel Waterfall in Lombok. This water extreme sport known as cliff jumping. Benang Stokel Waterfall is one of nature tourism object which located in north of Central Lombok. This waterfall is under the foothill of Rinjani Mount, so it makes the water in this waterfall was cold and fresh. And also this location is suitable for tourists who want to feel the coolness of nature and want to get away from the crowds.

To get to Benang Stokel Waterfall area, you may take 60 minutes by car from Lombok International Airport, I Gusti Ngurah  Ardita, and 30 minutes by motorcycle. Beside of the waterfall, you can do this cliff jumping on the beach called Nirwana Jumpcliff Point. This place is located in Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Tunak, Central Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). But many people do not know the location of this beautiful hidden beach. Even though hidden, this beach has cliff that high enough and the depth of the beach is quite safe for the jumpers. But for beginners, this sport is belong to risky sport, because there’s no guide who take care of you while doing this activity. So, you have to be careful to try this extreme sport, especially in bad weather.


Longboarding is a fusion of two extreme sports namely surf and skateboard. This sport uses a wheel board measuring 90-150 cm to glide at high speed from the highlands to the lowlands. There are several techniques that must be learned before doing Longboarding such as turning techniques, sliding, dancing techniques are also difficult to do on board with shorter size. You can do Longboarding at Pantai Selang Belanak, Lombok with Long Boarders community.

Longboarding The Extreme Sport in Lombok Indonesia

Lombok island is the proverbial jewel in the crown of Indonesian tourism. Indonesia’s tropical land is riddled with a range of cultural builds surrounded by a canvas of turquoise water. This is one of the world’s great adventures in waiting – hidden away in dense jungles on secret islands are tribes almost untouched by the outside world and animals hardly known to science. There are some affordable resorts, hotel, and guest house in Lombok to stay after do some activities with the best view.

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