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Cherish Your Trip with These 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary

Plecing kangkung Lombok culinary

As we all know, Lombok is famous for its heavenly beach and its kind atmosphere. Some people even said that Lombok is the long lost Bali without its traffic and crowdedness. Beside of its heavenly beaches, Lombok offer you some delicious culinary that will make you want to taste it again. Without further ado, heres are 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary ...

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The Legendary Sate RSPP Jakarta

Satay Sate RSPP Jakarta Indonesia

Almost everyone in Jakarta heard of this famous Sate RSPP [although not everyone tried it already]. The first branch is located at Blok M area, right in front of Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina (RSPP in short) which explains why it’s called so. But, me and my friend decided to go and try the other branch around Gandaria area because going ...

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