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Cherish Your Trip with These 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary

Lombok Culinary – What to do in Lombok? As we all know, Lombok is famous for its heavenly beach and its kind atmosphere. There are a lot of Lombok attractions you can visit. Some people even said that Lombok is the long lost Bali without its traffic and crowdedness. So, there are many places on Lombok are still untouched. Beside of its heavenly beaches, Lombok offer you some delicious culinary that will make you want to taste it again. Without further ado, here are 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary that you should try in Lombok.

Nasi Sukaraja

This Lombok culinary is typical of the Village Sukaraja, Mataram City. there are a variety of side dishes in one portion. But there is one that makes rice different sukaraja, which is vegetables cooked with a distinctive seasoning and thick coconut milk. The combination of rice and various side dishes consisting of fried chicken, satay lilit (chopped chicken satay with grated coconut) and beberuk (mixed spicy vegetables) blend in one kind of culinary namely Nasi Campur Sukaraja. After your tongue taste this culinary, you will surely fall in love. Because the processing of Nasi Campur Sukaraja still maintains the traditional cooking methods of the tribe of sasak people using stoves from the clay and firewood. You can try nasi sukaraja in Nasi Campur Sukaraja Restaurant from Sukaraja, Mataram. It’s about 14,3 km (30 minutes) from Senggigi beach, Lombok, Indonesia.

Plecing Kangkung

Who does not know plecing kangkung? This typical Lombok culinary is in the form of processed kale is so popular in every restaurant in Lombok. You are not in Lombok if you do not eat this one Lombok culinary. Also, Plecing kangkung is obviously very healthy and helps fertility due to added bean sprouts and sprinkles of fried beans to add taste savory.

Plecing kangkung Lombok culinary

Supported by the factor that Lombok produces kangkung with the best flavor and texture, pelecing kangkung is a Indonesian favorite food in Lombok. Made from Lombok’s kale stew that has a stem larger than other kangkung, Plecing Kangkung more delicious with tomato sauce made from chili, salt, shrimp and tomato. This menu you can enjoy in almost all restaurants in Lombok. It looks simple, but the taste is extraordinary. Mixing of cayenne pepper, salt, tomato and terasi so thrilling tongue. Everyone who eats it must cry for pleasure because of its spicy taste.

Sate Tanjung

Sate Tanjung Lombok Culinary

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In addition for easily to get beefs, Lombok is also abundant with its sea-culinary. Well, one of them is sate Tanjung which is the main ingredient of Cakalang fish. What makes sate tanjung different with other sate-sate is the ingredients of meat that comes from the fishes. Flavored with spices that taste spicy sweet, accompanied lontong, vegetable urap, and pelecing kale.

Sate Tanjung usually enjoyed while still hot and accompanied by lontong or rice. Both equally give their own pleasure in enjoying Cakalang Lombok fish sate. The savory taste is obtained from coconut milk and some spices typical of Lombok. The most typical Lombok Culinary satay is sate Tanjung in Tanjung market. It’s about 8,5 km from Pundewa beach. Tanjung market also near from Gili island in Lombok. It’s about 12 km from Gili Air beach, 16 km from Gili Meno beach, and 19 km from Gili Trawangan beach. This special food is worth trying because it is difficult to get it in the cafe or restaurant of capital city (Mataram).

Nasi Puyung

Nasi Puyung  can also be called as mixed rice Lombok Island. But this rice has a very biting spicy flavor. There are many stalls that provide this puyung rice in various parts of the island of Lombok. Over the last few years, puyung rice is a typical food Lombok coveted the culinary fans. Ayam suwir or slice of chicken typical Lombok is one charm of nasi puyung originating from Central Lombok. You can try this Indonesian food in Rumah Makan Cahaya. Rumah Makan Cahaya is a Lombok restaurant that serve nasi balap puyung menu in Praya area, Lombok, Indonesia near international airport. It’s about  19,5 km from Kuta beach, South Lombok.

Nasi Puyung Lombok Culinary

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Once you try one of this Lombok culinary, it will be addictive to try and try it again. That is the greatness of nasi puyung. Once again the spicy senses that make the appetite increase and want to eat more. With topping ayam suwir or slice of chicken, combined with chillies, soybeans, sprinkles of dried rebon, shredded and eel belt makes this nasi puyung package the champion. Your saliva will drool remember it.

Soup Babalung

Naming bebalung probably already attached to the bone. Yes, this Lombok culinary main ingredient is beef ribs or buffalo ribs flavored with cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, galangal and turmeric added also ginger. The most typical in the presentation of bebalung is a sprinkling of fried onions. The most popular bebalung is located in Depot Kelebet behind the office of the Governor of NTB. Lombok’s typical food is probably almost similar to the tengkleng but uses bovine bones instead of goat or sheep bones. You can visit Depot Kelebet, Selaparang, Mataram to try this food. It’s about 17,9 km (34 minutes) from Senggigi beach.

Poteng Jaje Tujak dan Iwel

This food that is usually served during the celebration of Lebaran Day consists of tape or called by local people as a pot and ketan mashed or jaje tujak. Unlike other typical Lombok Culinary that has a spicy flavor, this one menu is more sweet and acidic than the tape used. Poteng is glutinous tape and jaje tujak or tetel, maybe more familiar known as gemblong. Well, Poteng Jaje Tujak is processed with a mixture of suji and pandan leaves. Lombok’s typical food this one is rare because it is only served at the holiday only

Ayam Taliwang

Commonly said, Ayam taliwang is the main dish from the most famous Lombok culinary. Let alone in Lombok itself, in other cities like Jakarta you can really find this spicy chicken. Most likely you’ve also tasted it. The chickens that were used are young so that the meat is very soft and easy to remove from the bones. The sensation of spicy food is a culinary paradise in Lombok.

Ayam Taliwang Lombok Culinary

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Overview of its appearance, Taliwang Chicken is no different from the appearance of grilled chicken in general. But the spice herb used in cooking makes the taste of chicken taliwang different from ordinary chicken. This culinary is perfect for you who love spicy and spicy food!

Es Kelapa Muda Sumbawa

For those of you who need extra freshness after eating Lombok culinary, there are some selections of young coconut ice, which uses regular sugar syrup, palm sugar or with regular honey sumbawa or also white honey, better known as crystal honey. For honey young coconut ice use ordinary sumbawa honey sweetener. While the young coconut ice honey Crystals use white honey which is also a typical of this sumbawa does provide a different sweet taste, more legit. Honey in Lombok is indeed a honey produced from wild bees in the forest Sumbawa. Es Kelapa Muda Sumbawa is a refreshing drink that most people love. This drink is suitable as thirst release, especially when the weather is scorching.

Es Sarang Burung

Hearing its unique name maybe you will think that the drink is made of bird’s nest. But this refreshing drink typical of Lombok Culinary is actually not related to bird’s nest in its making. This Es Sarang Burung is a refreshing drink consisting of gelatin, lychee fruit, lychee syrup and ice cubes or shaved ice can also. Gelatin that used are white gelatin.

Es Sarang Burung Lombok Culinay

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It tastes sweet and sour, perfect for refreshing on a hot day. In Lombok this fresh drink is also quite popular in the month of fasting. With its tasty and sweet ingredient, you will definetly try it right?

Es Palu Butung

Es Palu Butung has looks like the appearance of Es Pisang Ijo. In contrast to banana wrapped in green dough on Ijo Banana Ice, banana in a dish of Ice Palu Butung exactly cut into pieces like in a compote dish. Good quality bananas are always used as basic ingredients Es Pallu Butung is one of Lombok culinary that provide a unique taste that is second to none. Bananas are often used is the type of banana kepok. Banana kepok used to make Ice Palu Butung selected old or cooked.

Es Palu Butung Lombok Culinary

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So that’s all about the 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary you should try while on vacation in the island of Lombok. In addition to these 10 culinary, Lombok still have a lot of other culinaries that you should find yourself. Good luck and enjoy your trip in Lombok. Happy Trip, Happy Tummy!

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