Tiu Kelep Waterfall Places in Lombok

10 Best Waterfall Places in Lombok You Must Visit

Waterfall Places in Lombok – Lombok and Bali are the most visited provinces either for domestic tourists or foreign tourists. There are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions that must visit. Lombok is very famous to the whole world with Mount Rinjani and also various beautiful beaches, especially some of the Gili around Lombok is popular and become one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists, for example Gili Trawangan is often equated with Hawaii. That’s why Lombok is considered as one of best Indonesia tourism destinations.

In addition to the beauty of the beach, Lombok also presents the beautiful waterfalls located at the foot of the mountain to see. One of them is the waterfall Tiu Kelep. This one waterfall is not less beautiful than Sendang Gile Waterfall which is quite popular, but because of its hidden location, this place like a hidden paradise that is still thick with nuances of nature that is still original. To enjoy the best beautiful nature scenes of Lombok, here we give you 10 best waterfall places in Lombok Indonesia you must visit.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

This waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Agung, Benang Stokel, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), 32 Km from Mataram City, or approximately 1 hour drive through Mataram-Narmada-Sedau-Pancor Dau-Teratak -Des Aik Berik and it located 9,5 km to west from Tereng Wilis Monkey Forest Lombok. It is advisable to ask the local residents, hotel officials or tour agents about this waterfall. Because there is only one guide to the Waterfall Yarn Nets.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall Places in Lombok

This waterfall comes from many springs that flows simultaneously through crevices along the cliff. Because the cliff is covered with plants that flourish so the water appears as if out of the rimbunnya plant. Because the waterfall shape like a mosquito net is named Waterfall Yarn Netting. This waterfall places in Lombok has three levels. The highest level comes directly from the spring, and has a height of approximately 30 Meters, The second level is a continuation of the first level, approximately 10 Meters and The third level has a height of 5 Meters.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Tiu Kelep Waterfall Places in Lombok

This one of waterfall places in Lombok is located in the village of Senaru, if the city of Mataram approximately 60 km. Tiu Kelep waterfall has a height of 42 meters and terraced. The water is quite large and swift, but because the pond beneath it is not so deep, only the waist of adults and the bottom of the pool is soft, so visitors will make it easier to swim. In the Sasak language “Kelep” means “fly”. This name describes the state of waterfalls whose water is bubbling and flying around the pond.

Tiu Teja Waterfall

Besides beautiful nature scenes of mountain, Mount Rinjani in Lombok also have beautiful waterfall it named Tiu Teja. Twin Waterfall Tiu Teja is located in Santong Village, Kayangan, North Lombok District. From the city of Mataram, Tiu Teja waterfall is approximately 60 km, or approximately 2 hours drive by motor vehicle. This waterfall places in Lombok has a height of approximately 40 meters hidden in the pristine forest of Mount Rinjani is still natural. According to the tourists who have visited there, the panorama of beauty even beat other waterfalls that have developed as a tourist attraction.

When another waterfall, the water that goes down is generally single (one), or wide. So the waterfall Tiu Teja has two waterfalls that glide side by side. More beautiful, when it gets sunlight, rainbow will appear between the bias water droplets that glide. It is advisable to go to this place using the motor because the main road to this place through the garden and dense forest as far as 2 km. But actually can also use the car but can only reach the gate of the village road. to continue it can hire the services of motorcycle taxi drivers.

Sekeper Waterfall

Sekeper Waterfall is one of the tourist sites in Lombok, Indonesia that is interesting places to go and must be visited for trekking fans. Why? this is because Sekeper Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Lombok and it takes a hard struggle to get to its location. The altitude is approximately 113 meters. It takes approximately 4 hours drive to get to this waterfall places in lombok, if we depart from the direction mataram using a motorcycle. Crossing the path of mataram, pusuk, santong can take approximately 2 hours.

You can park your vehicle in front of the entrance gate of course after you have paid the ticket and the vehicle parking levy at the main gate. After making sure the vehicle is in safe condition, it is time to prepare for adventure. At the beginning of the journey you will cross the forest overgrown with wild coffee, cocoa garden, and others.

Here you will find an old wooden bridge that has been weathered. For security reasons, it is not advisable to cross the bridge, it is better to pass the river under the bridge. During the journey it is advisable to be careful because it will break through the jungle, through a path that is very narrow, steep, and certainly slippery and beside the right is a gulf that is ready to end your story. Oh

It is also advisable to be wary of a wild plant called jelateng. Because jelateng leaves can make itchy skin with burning for 2 days. As much as possible avoid direct contact with the leaves along the way. But all that will pay off with a stunning panorama, the stream has a clear water, no trash at all and refreshing.

Tiu Pupas Waterfall

This waterfall is located in hamlet kerusak, genggaleng village, Gangga district. This waterfall has a height of approximately 50 meters with a depth of 4 meters and beyond approximately 100 square meters. The name of the waterfall itself means “Tiu” meaning big puddle, while “Pupas” means a root that grows from a tree that generally lives in river cliffs and high mountain areas.

In this waterfall places in Lombok you will be able to see the incredible mountain panorama. Throughout your eyes, you will see the green plants that cool the eyes. This place is also relatively quiet because not many tourists know.

Batara Lajang Waterfall

Batara Lejang waterfall is located in the upper reaches of the famous waterfall places in Lombok the waterfall Sendang Gila and Tiu Kelep. This place is still natural, so not many are visiting. However, this does not mean the waterfall has no appeal. In Batara Lejang there is also a source of clear hot water that can be utilized to warm the body and relaxation. To get to this waterfall through the Mount Rinjani climbing route. The journey from the first checkpoint to the jungle door can be reached in approximately 30 minutes. Next from the door there is a path leading straight to this waterfall.

Jeruk Manis Waterfall

Waterfall located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, precisely in the south of the conservation area of Mount Rinjani National Park. This waterfall has a height of 40 meters with a fairly large and clear water. This waterfall places in Lombok has a myth that is believed to hereditary, supposedly said the water can help cure various diseases, especially to nourish hair. For the ritual is usually done traditionally guided semangku, but if just a visit can swim as much. This waterfall is also the starting point that is usually used by climbers to climb to the Peak Rinjani, so if you want to come here, must walk for 1.5 hours from Tetebatu. With beautiful natural scenery, your journey will not be tiring.

Sendang Gila Waterfall

Among the waterfalls places in Lombok, maybe this waterfall is the most famous. Waterfall which has a height of approximately 35 meters is located in the village of Senaru, near one of the gate climbing Mount Rinjani. The water is clear and cold to make the tourists who visit here always spend time to bathe and play in the river that holds overflow of water from the waterfall. Plus the beauty is supported also with various trees and plants that line along the eye. To reach this waterfall only takes approximately 15 minutes from the route climbing treking to Mount Rinjani, plus the road to this waterfall has been laid out then do not have to worry to get lost.

Sindang Gila Sendang Gile Waterfall Places in Lombok

The water is clear and cold to make the tourists who visit here always spend time to bathe and play in the river that holds overflow of water from the waterfall. Plus the beauty is supported also with various trees and plants that line along the eye.

Mayung Putek Waterfall

Waterfall Mayung Putek, some of them write with “puteq”, has a height of about 60 meters. In addition to quite high enough, the water is down to down that it contains sulfur because it comes directly from Rinjani. That’s why Mayung Putek waterfall is white and has properties can cure various skin diseases. This tourist spot is suitable to be visited by friends with relatives or friends. While enjoying the pounding water that fell to the earth, we can joke together.

This one waterfall places in Lombok is also still very natural with clean air. Beautiful scenery and charming because it is in the foot of the mountains Rinjani. We can enjoy the cool and healthy water and the beautiful scenery at once. In the holiday season, many tourists take advantage of their free time to relax at Mayung Putek waterfall. Unfortunately, there are no supporting facilities that visitors can use such as toilets or praying rooms.

Geripak Waterfall

Geripak waterfall is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Nature lovers are usually through the route from the village of Dopang, followed by tracing Segembong ridge. Arriving at Berugak Elen you can while looking at the stunning scenery. There are green rice fields, Ampenan beaches, and other beautiful corners of Lombok. Location of this waterfall places in Lombok is the most beautiful. The water is typical of mountains, clean and clear. We can play and bathe under the waterfall of Geripak. This tourist place is suitable for us who are busy working everyday and want to enjoy the beautiful nature of the mountains. Geripak waterfall keeps the mind and body refreshed and ready for daily activities.

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