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Ayam Penyet Warung Tekko Jakarta

Ayam Penyet – What’s the best thing of staying around Jakarta area during holiday season? The whole Jakarta restaurant for yourself at lunchtime! While everyone is busy leaving Jakarta for a vacation, the Jakarta view look like a ghost town. If you don’t know where to go in Jakarta when the holiday come, you can go to the one of the best restaurant in Jakarta – Warung Tekko. When we entered the restaurant straight from the parking lot, the waiters didn’t even expect a single customer coming so they were just sitting down. But as soon as they noticed us, they let us pick a table [as usual, where the sunlight is majestic for photoshoot] and waited for us to be comfortable.

Warung Tekko Restaurant

Menu books were out in a flash and we had no trouble choosing because Warung Tekko is one of my go-to restaurant when I crave for some spicy fried food. I ordered for a portion of Ayam Penyet (breast not leg with medium level of spiciness), red rice [trying to kickstart healthy lifestyle for 2018!], one Kangkung Polos Hotplate [a.k.a Morning Glory – I just knew this during my recent Thai trip], and a Jamur Crispy Penyet [deep-fried mushroom]. Jamur Crispy is a tasty Indonesian appetizer. You have to try this before have a dining in Warung Tekko Jakarta.

Jamur Crispy Penyet Warung Tekko

What amazed me is that the service is VERY FAST. In less than a minute, three ice teas were already on our table. And in less than 5 minutes, all our orders were ready to be devoured. What I love about Warung Tekko is that they the quality and taste of the menu consistently at any restaurant branch. So if you’re interested in trying penyet menu, google Warung Tekko and find one nearest to you.

Ice Tea and Ayam Penyet Warung Tekko Restaurant Menu

Let’s get to the main start: Ayam Penyet. If you’ve been asking what Penyet means, no worry, I just figured out what it meant just recently as well [better late than never, yes? #shameless]. So, in Indonesian, Penyet means smashing something or to be exact — grinding. If you thought that Ayam Penyet means they’re smashing or grinding the chicken, you’re absolutely wrong. They leave the chicken intact, but the chili [a.k.a sambal] completely smashed. And their sambal is just the bomb. The right saltiness with a bit of sweetness is balanced with the terasi [shrimp paste] flavor and lots of garlic. On top of the fried chicken breast, they put fried garlic and that’s just the cherry on top! If you’re not allergic to garlic, you’d really dig this dish and you can even adjust the spiciness level.

Kangkung Polos Hotplate Restaurant Menu

Eaten with their Kangkung Hotplate and hot red rice, it easily becomes one of my best famous Indonesian foods. They cooked the morning glory veggie with Tauco [Chinese-like soybean paste] and it gives a twist to the flavor – umami with their distinct aroma. This Indonesian food is good for you if you have program to diet. Kangkung Polos Hotplate is also good for vegetarian people.

If you confuse to decide what the things to do in Jakarta at night, you can go to Warung Tekko Jakarta because this restaurant are opened until 10.00 p.m at local time. Warung Tekko restaurant has many branches in Jakarta. Some of its branches is located near the Jakarta beach. So you can enjoy Ayam Penyet Warung Tekko after do some fun things in the beach.

Overall, I rate Warung Tekko Restaurant Jakarta 8/10 for their affordable price, modern Javanese ambience, consistency of flavours, and service. You can visit this restaurant if you go to some Jakarta tourist places. The delicious foods are waiting you, here!

Bicycle Warung Tekko Restaurant Jakarta

Writer : Alin
Photographer : Felicia

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