Nasi Cikur Warung Inul Dago Pakar Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

The 10 Most Recommended Tasty Food You Have to Try in Bandung

Tasty Food Bandung – Bandung is the capital of West Java, a province of Indonesia. It’s about 150 km (3 hours 14 minutes) from Jakarta. You will get a complete package if you are traveling to this place. If you visiting Bandung, you will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, the cold atmosphere, or the unique building architectures, but you can also try the various kinds points of interest. There are some things to do in Bandung, such as: Hang in the sky like Spiderman in Tebing Gunung Hawu, take glamping to the next Instagram level in the Lodge Maribaya, visit the hobbit house in the Farm House, explore the hidden canyon of River Cikahuripan, immerse in local culture in Kamojang Green Hotel & Resort and many others.

There are a lot of local food that so tasty in Bandung. You can also order the food via online apps like go food (Go-Jek) or Grab. To help you find the most tasteful food in Bandung after do a series tours, here is the list of the 10 most recommended tasty food that you have to taste.

Batagor Kingsley

Batagor Kingsley Traditional Local Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

Batagor is the most popular traditional tasty food from Bandung. Batagor is a tofu combined with starch and fish then processed by frying. Batagor is a modification of another Indonesian food call Baso or meatball which is originally processed by boiling. But in the early 1980s, meatball seller find the new menu meatball by frying it. This is to make the supply process faster so they can sell more products. Finally, the result is Batagor or Baso Tahu Goreng. There are several popular Batagor restaurants in Bandung, but the most recommended is Batagor Kingsley which located in Jl. Veteran. You can taste the crispy Batagor mixed with the delicious peanut sauce.

Mie Baso Akung

Mie Baso Akung Local Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

Bandung is a true heaven of tasty food. There are dozens various food both traditional or modern which always has a delicious taste. The popular one is Mie Baso or a bowl noodle served with meatball and gravy. If you still confuse where you can find the tasteful Mie Baso you can go to Mie Baso Akung, the most popular noodle meatball restaurant in Bandung which located in Jl. Lodaya. There you can choose whether you prefer to taste the sweet noodle or the salty noodle. There are also serve many topping variants such as a chicken claw, meatball, and siomay.

Surabi Enhai Setiabudi

Traveling to Bandung is not complete without trying the typical cuisine of this city. One of the Bandung typical tasty food is Surabi. For your information, Surabi is a traditional Bandung snacks made from rice flour dough mixed with coconut milk. As traditional snacks, originally Surabi only made for two flavors, the sweet one is like a pancake using syrup of palm sugar while the salty one is served with spicy oncom on the top of it. Now, Surabi has been modified into dozens of variants with various topping. The most delicious Surabi Bandung is Surabi Enhai or Surabi Imut which is located in Jl. Dr. Setiabudi.

Tahu Tauhid Lembang

Tahu Tauhid Tasty Food Lembang Bandung Indonesia

When you visiting Lembang, you have to stop at Tahu Tauhid. The crunchy texture and the delicious tofu taste make this tasty food being hunted by tourists who spend their holiday in Lembang area. Usually, the tourists buy Tahu Tauhid as snacks or souvenirs. To make this food tasted more delicious and melted on the tongue you should eat this with chili or soy sauce.

Nasi Cikur Warung Inul Dago Pakar

Nasi Cikur Warung Inul Dago Pakar Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

Kencur is a root crop resembling ginger used as spice. In Bandung you can find this spice is cooked with rice. Nasi Cikur is a rice which is cooked with the mixture of rice, kencur and basil leaves. So, it has unique taste and very delicious. The original Nasi Cikur available in Warung Inul, a traditional Sundanese restaurant which located in Dago Pakar area. A plate of Nasi Cikur served with many side dishes such as fish, chickens, and meats. You have to try this tasty food while you enjoying Bandung.

Perkedel Bondon

Perkedel Bondon Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

What do you think when you hear a word ‘perkedel’? For you who still unfamiliar with this, perkedel is a fried croquette of boiled potatoes. Then what makes this food so tasty? You will know the answer after you try this tasty food by yourself. Perkedel Bondon is a name of the most legendary perkedel stall in Bandung. Perkedel Bondon only opened at midnight, from 11 pm until 2 am. Don’t be surprised if when you go there you will find the crowded people stand in line to buy perkedel. It has to be on the top list of the best Indonesian food you have to try in Bandung.

Ceu Mar Night Culinary

This is one of the most legendary food stalls in Bandung which serves many kinds of tasty food. The main menu of this restaurant is beef curry which taste so good. There are also other options that tastes delicious like Nasi Rames, a plate of rice blend with various kind of side dishes such as spicy eggs, tempeh, tofu, jengkol and much more. The dishes provided is very complete. Ceu Mar is the name of the restaurant owner. The concept of this restaurant is the buffet so you have to be patient if you go there at peak hours. Ceu Mar located near Braga street and open from 6 pm until 4 am.

Iga Bakar Si Jangkung

Iga Bakar Si Jangkung Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

Are you a meat lover? You have to go to Jl.Cipaganti and find Iga Bakar Si Jangkung. There you can try the legendary delicious barbecued ribs in the town. The barbecued ribs served on a hot plate fresh from the grill added with pieces of snaps, carrots, and cabbages. The sauce is sweet, slightly spicy, and very tasteful. If you love spicy dishes, you have to try this local tasty food when visiting Bandung and feel its delicacy.


You can find this tasty food in many street food stands around Bandung. Seblak is a popular street food from Bandung made of crackers soaked in hot water. After being soaked, Seblak mixed with a bowl of delicious broth and various toppings such as a chicken claw, sausage, and meatball. The taste is so yummy and spicy.

Kupat Tahu Gempol

Kupat Tahu Gempol Tasty Food Bandung

For some of you maybe already familiar with Kupat Tahu. Kupat Tahu is a traditional Indonesian tasty food which made of tofu and vegetables smothered with peanut sauce and served with crackers. In Bandung, there is a very legendary Kupat Tahu stall which has been selling for decades. This Kupat Tahu stall located in Jl. Gempol so people called it Kupat Tahu Gempol. There you can taste a simple but tasty Kupat Tahu menu and feel deliciously peanut sauce.

Writer : Qomarul Huda
Photographer : Azzi Yuphikatama

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