Fun Educational Tour Eco Green Pak Batu Indonesia

The Fun Educational Tour with Family in Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia

Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia – You may be very amazed with Indonesia tourism. The beauty and diversity are unforgettable things you will get here. This article will tell you very clear about one of the best tourist attractions called Eco Green Park. So, what is Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia exactly? Eco Green Park is an outdoor natural park combined with culture and art in order to educate the visitors. If you come here with your son and daughter or with your special someone it is recommended place to visit in East Java. Designed as Family Park, Eco Green Park Batu gives your family extremely unforgettable experience about sustainable energy education, animal and plant life through international guaranteed quality atmosphere. Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia is the place where your family can enjoy the experience with nature, art, and culture. You will never regret to choose this place after read this article.

Geographic Location Eco Green Park Batu Malang

We mention here that Eco Green Park Malang or Eco Green Park Batu, both of them are similar. Batu is a city in the East Java Province of Indonesia. It is about 17 km to the northwest of Malang. Formerly, it was a part of Malang Regency; but on 17 Oktober 2001, Batu became an independent municipal city with its own mayor and council. with Malang City and Malang Regency, Batu Town is part of unity of region known as Malang Raya (Metropolitan Region of Malang). Eco Green Park is located in Batu Indonesia.

The Eco Green Park Batu Tourism Site, opened in 1st of July 2012. The history of Eco Green Park Batu began when a company, Jawa Timur Park Group (JTP) built a theme park that provides museums, zoos, and parks for all childrens and families. Jawa Timur Park Group established since 2001 and has been working with Department of Education and Culture in Batu city to ensure that every educational collection displayed is guaranteed quality. And Eco Green Park Batu is one of the park from 11 parks in Surabaya and Batu then 1 theme park in Banten.

Theme Parks of Jawa Timur Park Group are:

  1. Jawa Timur Park 1 (Human Body Museum and Science Coaster Park)
  2. Jawa TImur Park 2 (Museum Satwa and Batu Secret Zoo)
  3. BNS (Batu Night Spectacular)
  4. Eco Green Park
  5. Museum Angkut
  6. Museum Tubuh
  7. Predator Fun Park
  8. Wisata Bahari Lamongan
  9. Maharani Zoo
  10. De Home Playground
  11. Suroboyo Carnival
  12. World of Wonder, Cikupa, Tangerang

Eco Green Park is located in Batu city, East Java, Indonesia with approximately 5 hectare large. Mostly people called it as Malang area, because several years ago, Batu city was part of Malang city. But now a day Batu has its own responsibilities to arrange their city. If you use plane to go here, you will arrive in Malang airport, or you can choose Juanda International Airport in Surabaya, then you can easily go to Batu by car. Even if you use train transportation, you will arrive in Malang and you still need to take public transportation like Angkot, taxi (both online and conventional), or Bus to get there.

Location Map Eco Green Park Batu Malang

Since the online public transportation is easy to use, you don’t need to worry about how to get there. So, you will get easy to find the address of Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia.  The complete address of Eco Green Park is Jalan Raya Oro-oro Ombo 9A Batu – The Tourist City, East Java. The Map for Eco Green Park is easy to understand, since the geographic location of Eco Green Park Batu is very strategic, surrounding with the other theme park from Jawa Timur Park Group like Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, and Batu Secret Zoo.

The Bracelet Ticket of Eco Green Park Batu Malang Indonesia

The Bracelet Ticket of Eco Green Park

Eco Green Park Open Hour is 9.00 AM in the morning until 17.00 AM evening with different ticket fee. We suggest you to come there in weekday because on Monday to Thursday the ticket only Rp. 49.000 or around 3 Dollars, and in weekend, for Friday to Monday you have to pay Rp. 70.000. Since, Eco Green Park was part of Jawa Timur Park Group, the ticket is available for package ticket. There are for choices for you to choose.

  1. First you can choose the normal ticket price for Eco Green Park Malang East Java above. Second is student packages in weekdays only, you can go to Eco Green Park Batu and other park (choose one from Museum Tubuh or Predator Fun Park) with only Rp. 70.000, or you can go to three parks consist of Eco Green Park Batu, Museum Tubuh and Predator Park, then you can pay for Rp. 100.000
  2. Third choice are Sakti Ticket for 3 days pass in Eco Green Park Batu City and you will get bonuses to go to Jawa Timur Park 1, Museum Satwa, Batu Secret Zoo, Predator Fun Park, Museum Tubuh, Museum Angkut, and BNS for only Rp. 450.000. Maybe you don’t want to stay there for long time and decided to explore your day within 2 days, you can choose 2 day pass only for Rp. 375.000.
  3. The fourth choice is Combo Ticket from Jawa Timur Park 2 and Eco Green Park in weekend for about Rp. 150.000 and Weekday you will got 30% discount from the normal price in weekend. All of those choices can make your vacation to Eco Green Park more colorful because the location of Eco Green Park Batu is close to the other parks.

There was a terms and condition related with the ticket price of Eco Green Park Batu East Java, children with height of 85 cm and above are charged full ticket. Children with height of 70 cm and above are charged for fun tech plaza only. If you purchase 30 tickets, you will get one free ticket (applies to multiple purchases). No refund ticket available for both online or on the spot reservation.

Through this year in 2018, Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia give you 20% discount if you show them your boarding pass with Garuda Indonesia airlines, Sriwijaya Air, NAM AIR, Air Asia, and Citilink. This promo available untill 31st of December 2018 and 31st of May 2018 only for NAM Air and Sriwijaya Air. For sure, this promo gives the visitor huge of benefit and make Eco Green Park price affordable. Due to the different promo and ticket price, we suggest you to know more about Eco Green Park and update everything in the official website of Eco Green Park Batu here. We found different rate on ticket price of Eco Green Park Batu since 2014. While if you are foreigner, you will get benefit too with 20% discount. You just shows yout passport that has been stamped by immigration, at least the stamp is valid for 30 days.

Hotel Near Eco Green Park Malang

Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia also gives you the easy way to stay in hotel inside the Jawa Timur Park Group. There is three hotel near Eco Green Park Batu. They are Klub Bunga Butik Resort, Pondok Jatim Park Hotel and Café, and the last is Pohon Inn Hotel, you can booking in one of them.

  1. Klub Bunga Butik Resort located in Jalan Kartika Number 2 in Batu City. It is about 19 km from Malang. The location is only 9 minute walk from Batu Secret Zoo that is near with Eco Green Park. There are two types of guest room, there are villas and hotel rooms, each of them will give you breathtaking view of Mount Semeru, Mount Arjuno and Mount Welirang.
  2. Pondok Jatim Park Hotel and Cafe. This hotel near by Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia since it still around Jatim Park Group area. Pondok Jatim Park Hotel and Cafe will give you a variety packages for meeting, gathering, outdoor vacation with adjusted your budget plan.
  3. Pohon Inn Hotel Jatim Park 2. The last hotel is very recommended because the location is very nearby Eco Green Park Batu City and it is about 1 km from Batu Secret Zoo. This hotel was the one and only which has a unique interior and exterior with an animal atmosphere in Malang Raya. The best from this hotel is Jungle Fast Food, where you can see Leopard, Jaguar and Lion while enjoying delicious food. Pohon Inn Hotel Jatim Park 2 will give you comfort time to relax after your full time in Eco Green Park.

What can you do in Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia? Let say a lot of things! Let us introduce you with this Shuttle Car/Train that will help you to save up your time to go to every attraction place inside. E-Bike station also available in Eco Green Park. This electric bike available for all age. You don’t need to worry about the wheelchair needed. Because the entire park area featured with wheelchair user path. However you cannot freely to smoke, but the Eco Green Park Batu give you space to smoke in smoking area. If you feel hungry, there are mini market and food court to fulfill your stomach. You can assume that facilities in this park seems like so complete, this place was really adorable for your family. Even when you feel confuse with the attractions rute of Eco Green Park, you may ask the information center inside.

Every month, there are special show will be held in Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia and all of them will be the best things to do in Eco Green Park. Every February, you will watch Eagle House, and Bird Show. Parrot Show will be conducted in March. Then in July you can do photo session with the Millennium Man in Plaza Music and Food Court inside. During July, the visitor also get best activity to feed the animals.

The Picture of Dairy Cows - The Tourist Attraction of Eco Green Park Batu East Java Indonesia

Dairy Cows Attraction

Tourist attractions of Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia are insectarium, walking bird, music plaza, jungle adventure, animal farm, Hydroponic, World Parrots, Duck Kingdom, Rumah Terbalik, Water Track, Pasar Burung (Bird Market), Multimedia Dome, Eco Journey, Eco Science Center, and Dairy Cows. The most famous tourist attraction of Eco Green Park is Rumah Terbalik (The Inverted House). Inside there you will find every furniture in inverted shape. The sensors will automatically turn the lamp off when you crossed every room. Rumah Terbalik in Eco Green Park Malang is designed like a few pieces of furniture will fall down to the floor. But visitors need not worry because this furniture will not fall on the visitors below. Here also the best place to take some instagramable photos in Eco Green Park.

The Photo of Dairy Cows - The Tourist Attraction of Eco Green Park Batu Malang Indonesia

The attraction in Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia that will bring you in the real adventure is Jungle Adventure. This attraction brings you to get there with train completed with a toys gun. If you are trying this attraction you will be invited in a mission as forest ranger. Eco Green Park is full of education part. One of the unique part is Hydroponic area, you will find hydroponic house which develop strawberry, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. It can give you huge benefit to teach your families about hydroponic. Besides hydroponic, you will find a lot of animal inside here, unique birds species will amazed you because this species coming from all over the world. The empire duck zone and insectarium also can amaze yourself to realize that there are so many duck and insect species.

Last but not least, the important tips if you decided to visit Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia are trying to get there very early morning because Eco Green Park has very big area to explore. So, you will never be missed every single place if you come early morning. Since Batu city is full of tourism place, you can hide the peak season in weekdays. Then if you go there by your private car, it is better to park it in Eco Green Park area, because little far to take a walk from Batu Secret Zoo. To keep your head from the sun, you my wear a hat or umbrella then basting your skin with sunblock lotion. Wearing comfort shoes or footwear is important too. If you go there with your baby or elderly person you should rent e-bike. Finally keep your belonging and enjoy your fun educational tour.

Let’s start your trip in Eco Green Park Batu Indonesia to gain more knowledge and your love with nature and culture while enjoying your holiday. For more info you can check Eco Green Park Batu Official Website here or you call by their Phone number of Eco Green Park Batu  (+62) 341 597777.

Writer : Zahrina Arum Nabilah
Photographer : Arina Rosyida Khoir

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