18 Reasons to Explore Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia

Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia is a transport museum to educate the public about means of transportation in a fun way and packaged by combining modern and classic concepts. This museum consists of several zones decorated with replica of some popular buildings from the continents of Asia, Europe, and America that are suitable to be instagramable photo spots. There are several types of vehicles on display here, ranging from cars, motorbikes, bicycles, pedicabs, planes, and many more from various countries.

Bicycle Museum Angkut East Java

Museum Angkut Movie Star Studio explains the development of various types of land, sea and air transportation since ancient times to the present. In addition, the Education Zone in this museum explains the challenges that arise in the history of Indonesian transportation and provides a solution. Prediction of transportation means in the future is also on display at this place. This museum is located Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung No.2, Ngaglik in Batu City (around 18 to the northwest of Malang City), East Java, Indonesia. Museum Angkut is open every day starting at 12:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm based on local time (GMT +7) at night.

Future Transportation Museum Angkut Batu Travel

Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia was established on 3,8 hectares of land and managed by Jawa Timur Park Group and was launched since March 9, 2014. Museum Angkut Movie Star Studio is the second modern transport museum in Southeast Asia after the Land Transport Gallery which was established in Singapore since January 18, 2008 ago. The museum is adjacent to several famous tourist attractions in Batu, namely Batu Night Spectacular (BNS), Eco Green Park, Jawa Timur Park 1, Jawa Timur Park 2, and Kusuma Waterpark.

Ticket prices during weekdays are Rp. 70.000/person and during the weekend is Rp. 100.000/person. In addition, there are additional costs if you enter with a camera other than a camera of cellphone that is as much as Rp. 30.000/camera. If you plan to visit some tourist attractions from Jatim Park Group (JTP) at once, you can buy Sakti Tickets which are valid for 3 days for Rp. 450,000 / person or Sakti Tickets which are valid for 2 days for Rp. 375,000 / person with some destinations, they are Jatim Park 1, Museum Satwa, Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, Predator Fun Park, Museum Tubuh, Museum Angkut (including D’Topeng and Runway 27), and BNS (Batu Night Spectacular).

What things to do in Museum Angkut? Why we have to place Museum Angkut as one of your holiday destinations while in Indonesia? This is 18 Reasons to Explore Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia.

1. The second modern transport museum in Southeast Asia

Museum Angkut Movie Star Studio is the second transport museum in Southeast Asia after Land Transport Gallery which was established in Singapore since January 18, 2008. Both of these attractions together explain the development of various types of land, sea and air transportation since ancient times to the present with fun and interactive way. Museum Angkut and Land Transport Gallery are museums that are far from the old and creepy impression.

Flight Simulator Museum Angkut Batu Jatim

The differences between the two museums lies in the type of collection and the forwarded side. If Land Transport Gallery displays various types of land transportation, Museum Angkut displays various types of land transportation and is supplemented by air transport. In addition, there are several boats in the Floating Market Zone in Museum Angkut. If Land Transport Gallery puts more emphasis on the educational aspect, Museum Angkut is more forward to the entertainment side. Therefore Museum Angkut carries the Movie Star Studio concept that displays landscape from various continents as instagramable photo spots.

2. There was the first RI presidential helicopter barter results with CIA and the first presidential car of His Excellency Ir. Soekarno

Presidential Helicopter and Car of Soekarno Museum Angkut Indonesia Tourism

Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia also exhibited the American Helicopters, Bell 47 in 1958. This helicopter was the first RI Presidential Helicopter resulting from the political barter of the first Indonesian president Ir. Soekarno with the USA government for the release of CIA agent Allen Pope who was involved in the PRRI / Permesta rebellion. The agent was shot by the Air Force Mustang when he flew the B26 Aurev Bomber in the Ambon Sea. Then in 1960, US President John F. Kennedy gave barter, one of which was in the form of this helicopter.

The Bell 47 helicopter is commonly referred to as the Kepik helicopter and is named Si Walet. The size of this helicopter is small and only able to load 3 people. The seats inside the helicopter are wrapped with red cloth bearing the Garuda Pancasila. Beside the Bell 47 Helicopter, there was a car that had been boarded by President Soekarno, Chrysler Windsor Deluxe, released in 1952. This car was the first RI presidential car.

3. There is a car driven by Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious and it is only 6 units in the world

Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia brought 11 American Muscle cars from the United States. One of them is the Chevrolet Chevelle SS type. Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, drives the type of car in the Fast & Furious 4 movie. The Chevelle Chevrolet SS is only 6 units in the world and one of them is in the Museum Angkut. This sports car uses a 502 GM performance engine with a capacity of 8200 cc.

4. Can take pictures with a replica of Queen Elizabeth sitting on her throne

Buckingham Palace Museum Angkut Movie Star Studio

Buckingham Palace is one of the prime zones in Museum Angkut. In this zone you can take a photo with a replica of Queen Elizabeth sitting on her throne inside the building. So, don’t hesitate to enter the building. You will lose if you just take a photo on the front yard. In addition, sometimes the Buckingham Palace building is held various events. One of them is the Line Art competition held on September 12, 2018.

5. There are more than 450 types of traditional to modern transport collections from all corners of the world

Horse-Drawn Carriage Museum Angkut Malang Travel

Museum Angkut always tries to add new collections. Until this article was released, there were around 450 units of vehicles from traditional to modern transportation from around the world. The number of car collections in the museum transports ± 150-200 units. The oldest collection of cars is the 1910 Buick Ten Toy Tonneau from America, which is shaped like a train with a design that looks like the first Ford car. While the youngest collection of cars is the 2004 Hummer H2 Limousine. Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia also has the last steam car replica produced in 1700.

Comparison of collections of vehicles originating from Indonesia and abroad is 50: 50. Some vehicle collections are placed in the Main Hall and others are distributed according to the zone where the car originates. If you enter a zone, for example the American zone, you will find Cadillac, Mustang, Impala, Pontiac, and so on. If you visit at the end of the weekend, then you can enjoy the Classic and Ancient Car Parade that goes around the Museum Angkut tourism complex.

6. There are some cars which had been ridden by Queen Elizabeth II

Museum Angkut also has a collection of vehicles that have been ridden by the principals of the United Kingdom. There was a Ceremonial Land Rover and Bentley Mark car which had been ridden by Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Australia in 1954. At the Buckingham Palace Zone there were also several types of vehicles that were often used by the British Empire such as Blackburn, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Raligh, Matchless , Fillir, and so on. Some classic British cars are also placed in the Main Hall.

7. D’Topeng Kingdom Museum exhibits more than 2000 collections of masks from all regions in Indonesia

There are more than 2000 collections of masks with unique designs from all regions in Indonesia exhibited by D’Topeng Kingdom Museum. Next to the mask, D’Topeng Kingdom also keeps ancient relics such as traditional weapons and famous antique tools. This museum is located near the Nusantara Floating Market Zone.

Since June 11, 2018, the name D’Topeng Kingdom Museum is officially changed to the Indonesian Heritage Museum because the museum not only keeps masks but also other types of historical relics. Indonesian Heritage Museum is the right place to study Indonesian history and culture.

8. There are classic motorcycles produced in 1925

One of the collections from Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia is the BSA Round Tank motorcycle that produced in 1925. It is one of BSA’s most popular models in the 20s, the Model B was also affectionately known as the “Round Tank”. It was effective personal transport, as it was reliable and easy to ride. This motorcycle is a very rare collection. In addition to exhibiting BSA Round Tank motorbikes, Museum Angkut also explained the origin of the motorcycle and the process of developing the model from time to time.

9. There are more than 12 instagramable photo zones

Pilot Simulator Museum Angkut Batu Malang

Museum Angkut carries the Movie Star Studio concept so that the museum complex is decorated like a set of movie shoots so it is suitable for taking pictures. The nuances of being in a movie are getting thicker because in some zones there are replicas of famous movie characters such as the statue of the Hulk made from spare parts of used cars and motorbikes that were seen rampaging and stepping on a car. In addition, there is a replica of the Scooby Doo car and the Bat Mobile car used by Batman. In this 3.8 hectare area, Museum Angkut is divided into several zones and based on themes. Sunda Kelapa and Batavia Zone, have a Jakarta Kota Station building background complete with pedicab and several vehicles. In the French Zone, you will find a replica of the Eiffel Tower complete with its shops. These zones include:

  1. Nusantara Floating Market
  2. Indonesian Heritage Museum (D’Topeng)
  3. Main Hall
  4. Runway 27
  5. Pilot Simulator
  6. Education
  7. Sunda Kelapa and Batavia
  8. Japan
  9. European Union
  10. Gangster Town & Broadway
  11. Las Vegas
  12. Hollywood
  13. Buckingham Palace
  14. And more

10. There is a wreck of the Tucuxi national electric car project owned by former Minister Dahlan Iskan

Danet Suryatama, a scientist from Indonesia (the creator of Tucuxi), wants to help develop electric cars in Indonesia with technologies that are not left behind by other developed countries. The purpose of developing this expensive and reliable car is to show the public that we (the Indonesian people) are capable of engineering difficult and complex technologies before building electric cars that are more affordable for the public or public transportation. Saturday, January 5, 2013 Tucuxi had an accident while undergoing a Test Ride conducted by Dahlan Iskan, who was then serving as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises and his partner an electric car expert, Riki Nelson.

It turned out that the Tucuxi car had been dismantled without the knowledge of Danet Suryatama and the team before the accident. This demolition also resulted in the change of many vehicle systems ranging from brakes, two airbags (driver and passenger), power steering, battery system and battery monitoring system and others. Luckily the structural system from Tucuxi was unable to be changed. The structural system consists of crush zone and safe zone. Now, the wreckage of the Tucuxi car is stored in Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia.

11. Close to 15 accommodations from Hotels, Villas to Guest Houses

The location of the Angkut Museum is very strategic. Besides being close to other tourist attractions, Museum Angkut is also close to various types of accommodation ranging from hotels, villas, to guest houses. These accommodations include:

  1. Pondok Jatim Park Hotel & Cafe
  2. Villa and Family Hotel Gradia 1 dan 2
  3. The Batu Hotel & Villas
  4. Baliku Guest House
  5. Riverstone Hotel & Cottage
  6. Bunga Matahari
  7. Sahabat Backpacker 1
  8. Alegria Inn
  9. Griya Sekar Kedhaton
  10. Prima Asri 153 Hotel
  11. Bunga Villa
  12. Sumber Hotel
  13. Baru Inn
  14. Kusuma Agrowisata Resort & Convention
  15. Palereman Soerabala Hotel

12. Museum Angkut Located in a Cool Air City

Indonesia is located on the equator. This astronomical position makes Indonesia being a tropical country and has a temperature that tends to heat. However, not all places in Indonesia are high temperatures. There are several places in Indonesia that are cool, one of which is Kota Batu. Batu City is located on the slopes of Mount Paderman in East Java. Because it is located in a highland area, Batu has cool and cool air making it suitable for being a tourist place for family vacations. There are many tourist attractions offered in Batu City and its surroundings, one of which is Museum Angkut.

13. Far from Ancient and Scary Impressions

European Union Zone at Museum Angkut Batu Tourism

Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia is far from being old-fashioned, gloomy, and creepy. This museum further highlights the entertainment side by carrying the Movie Star Studio concept. There are lights arranged beautifully in the landscape of famous cities around the world such as Broadway, Paris, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and so on. Museum Angkut seeks to educate the public about the history of world transportation in the fun and interactive way. These things make Museum Angkut a favorite among all people, both automotive enthusiasts and ordinary people.

14. Visitors can rent pilot clothes and take pictures at Runway Zone 27

Runway 27 Museum Angkut East Java Tour

Runway Zone 27 is a flight-themed zone. You can find helicopter collections, several types of aircraft, and Apollo replicas. There is a restaurant that conceptualizes the world of aviation here. Visitors can rent pilot clothes at a tariff of around Rp. 100,000 (prices can increase any time) and take pictures in this zone.

15. The condition of the cars on display is still original and can be run

Main Hall Museum Angkut Batu East Java

Museum Angkut has a special expedition team to hunt vehicle collections both domestically and abroad. This museum is only willing to accept vehicles that are original, good, and can be run. To prove that the vehicle can still be operated, Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia holds a complex parade every weekend.

16. There are luggage storage lockers

For you to carry heavy luggage or carry a camera but don’t want to go in with a camera because of the limited allowance, don’t worry. Angkut Museum provides goods storage lockers. You come to the goods storage counter to get keys and coins. This coin is used to open lockers.

17. Staff and officers there wear costumes according to the theme of the zone in which they are assigned

There are several zones with different themes in Museum Angkut. Staff and officers on duty there use costumes according to the theme of their respective zones. If you are in Runway Zone 27, you will find uniformed staff such as flight attendants, pilots, or Air Force orange uniforms. You will meet officers with superhero costumes while in Gangster Town, Hollywood or Las Vegas Zone. The staff and officers there are very friendly, they are willing to take pictures with visitors.

18. Suitable for Night Tours

The opening hours of Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia start from midday until 8:00 p.m. This makes Museum Angkut suitable to be used as a tourist destination at night. Museum Angkut will actually look more beautiful at night because all decorative lights are on. If you intend to travel at the night in Batu City, don’t forget to stop by the Batu Night Spectacular (BNS), which is located near Museum Angkut. BNS is open from 15.00 – 23.00 for weekdays and 15.00 – 00.00 based on local time for weekends.

Thus 18 reasons to explore Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia. For those of you who are automotive lovers and photography lovers, you should enter this attraction into your list of tourist destinations. Museum Angkut Batu Indonesia is close to Mount Bromo, if you travel to Mount Bromo don’t forget to stop by Museum Angkut.

Writer : Arina Rosyida Khoir
Photographer : Arina Rosyida Khoir

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