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Best Food to Eat and Gifts from Yogyakarta

Monggo Chocolate Food to Eat and GiftsYogyakarta

Food to Eat – A trip is not a trip if you doesn’t bring gift or food of the places that you visit. Sometime the gift itself can be food or something. In Yogyakarta, there are so many best food and gift in Indonesia. There are also tasty food and best things to eat that you wanted to bring back ...

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10 Best Places to Visit in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Hutan Pinus Dlingo Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

Places to Visit – Yogyakarta or local people often call “Jogja” is a place where there are millions of beautiful memories. Yogyakarta and Bali are the most visited provinces either for domestic tourists or foreign tourists. From food, drink, snack, its people, and not least, also the attractions. Tourist attractions in Jogja are so numerous, that you may not be ...

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Beer Garden South Jakarta

Beer Garden South Jakarta

Finally got a chance to chill at Beer Garden Radio Dalam, thanks to unexpected heavy rain and expected traffic jams around Jakarta Selatan. A gentle warning for those of you planning to drive around Jakarta Selatan at 5 PM, YOU BETTER NOT unless you’re stopping at Beer Garden. It’s strategically located at a crowded intersection, which is why it’s never ...

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Turning Point

Turning Point is a coffee shop in Gading Serpong area, which literally gonna make you turn (your car) around because you were unaware of the small sign and drove past it. Gading Serpong is a township, 21 km west of Jakarta at Kelapa Dua, Tangerang Regency of Banten province in Indonesia. Although the sign may be petite and hidden, this ...

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ASAGAO Coffee House: A Japanese-themed in Tangerang, Jakarta

Asagao Cafe House Tangerang Jakarta

ASAGAO Coffee House – Did you know that Tangerang is known as the suburb of Jakarta with the most coffee shop joints in Indonesia? Oh yes, that’s a fact and I, as Tangerang-er, am very proud of it. ASAGAO Coffee House Tangerang is one of the hypest coffee shops here with the concept of minimalist decoration with the touch of ...

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Top 10 Instagrammable Local Restaurants in Lombok

La Chill Bar Local Restaurants Lombok

Local Restaurants – If you go to Lombok, it is not fair if you doesn’t eat at the local restaurants. Lombok has so many places that offers you the local atmosphere and also with good food and yummy food. Many local restaurants in Lombok offers you best Indonesian foods. So many fine dining restaurants scattered all around Lombok. For example, ...

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Unbelievable Paradise Lombok Beach that You’ll Missed

Pantai Pink Lombok Beach

Lombok Beach – Right now, Lombok is look like Bali 10 years ago. It means that Lombok still have many beautiful paradise and there’s not much tourist come here. Some people said that Lombok has a special or unique way to give you a nice vacation. Because Bali is too crowded and tourist always go to Bali when it is ...

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Nasi Lemak Lovers when Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

This is a highly recommended restaurant located at Damansara Uptown for its Nasi Lemak. This cuisine is popular for its aromatic rice with coconut milk & pandan leaf and the crispy & juicy fried chicken. Its beef rendang and sambal sotong are also highly recommended. Please take note there is always a queue at the restaurant and is especially crowded ...

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The 6 Night Dishes for Dinner in Surabaya

Night Dishes Surabaya Indonesia

Night Dishes – Surabaya is a city located in East Java which is known as the “city of heroes” due to its contribution in the struggle for Indonesia’s Independence. The people here are famous as Bonek, or Bondo Nekat, because they are very brave in doing anything in their daily lives. You can try to make this food and browsing ...

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