Cherish Your Trip with These 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary

Plecing kangkung Lombok culinary

As we all know, Lombok is famous for its heavenly beach and its kind atmosphere. Some people even said that Lombok is the long lost Bali without its traffic and crowdedness. Beside of its heavenly beaches, Lombok offer you some delicious culinary that will make you want to taste it again. Without further ado, heres are 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary ...

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The Legendary Sate RSPP Jakarta

Satay Sate RSPP Jakarta Indonesia

Almost everyone in Jakarta heard of this famous Sate RSPP [although not everyone tried it already]. The first branch is located at Blok M area, right in front of Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina (RSPP in short) which explains why it’s called so. But, me and my friend decided to go and try the other branch around Gandaria area because going ...

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Si may rendang restaurant south jakarta Indonesia

Googled for the best Rendang in J-town (keywords: Rendang terenak di Jakarta) and I stumbled upon Si May from various reviews on page one. I trusted my instinct [they’re usually bad when it comes to traffic and street] and asked my friend to come along for this Rendang adventure. The easiest and cheapest way to get there is by commuter ...

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Beef Rendang the world's most delicious food padang merdeka jakarta

Can you name the world’s most delicious food? Based on 35,000 objective votes done by CNN poll and my subjective opinion as a proud Indonesian, it’s BEEF RENDANG! You will know that incredibly proud feeling when your country got acknowledged worldwide for its (and my) favorite dish, you feel like screenshot-ing your screen, print the article, and hang it on ...

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Top 10 Instagrammable Local Restaurants in Lombok

La Chill Bar Local Restaurants Lombok

If you go to Lombok, it is not fair if you doesn’t eat at the local restaurants. Lombok has so many places that offers you the local atmosphere and also with good food and yummy food. Many local restaurants in Lombok offers you best Indonesian foods. So many fine dining restaurants scattered all around Lombok. For example, if you are ...

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The 6 Night Dishes for Dinner in Surabaya

Night Dishes Surabaya Indonesia

Night Dishes – Surabaya is a city located in East Java which is known as the “city of heroes” due to its contribution in the struggle for Indonesia’s Independence. The people here are famous as Bonek, or Bondo Nekat, because they are very brave in doing anything in their daily lives. You can try to make this food and browsing ...

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The 7 Lunch and Dinner Menu in Malang

Batagor Lunch and Dinner Menu Malang Indonesia

Lunch and Dinner Menu – Again and again, we are going to give you some of the Best Indonesia foods. Now, let’s travel to Malang. Malang is a city located in East Java Province in Indonesia. Malang is the place where you can see the beautiful mountains along the city and you can also find many secret beaches. That’s why ...

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How to Get Best Fine Dining in Jakarta Indonesia with Low Budget

Best Fine Dining Jakarta Indonesia Low Budget

Fine Dining – Enjoying delicious food in a luxurious fine dining restaurant with the one you love is truly the best kind of eating experience. There are a lot of fine dining restaurants in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali, and other cities on Indonesia. However, this can be very costly for many people to enjoy it. Nothing’s wrong with spending ...

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7 Most Expensive Indonesian Foods in Jakarta

Most Expensive Indonesian Foods – Jakarta is a heaven for food travelers. You can find many expensive Indonesian foods this tourism city. Jakarta offers various kind of Indonesian cuisines which can satisfy your desire. Many local people and tourists are seeking for Indonesia’s best traditional food in Jakarta. To fulfill the desire of tasting the ultimate taste of Indonesian foods, ...

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