Must Eat Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) When You are in Jakarta

Indonesian Fried Rice South Jakarta

Indonesian Fried Rice – Ranked 2nd on World’s Top 50 Best Foods by CNN, Nasi Goreng a.k.a Fried Rice is one irresistible Indonesian dish. Thoroughly researched [on google] the history of Nasi Goreng, it’s actually originated from China and got adopted by our ancestors. Due to the love of rice and hatred of food waste, Indonesian ancestors mixed leftover rice ...

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The 10 Most Recommended Tasty Food You Have to Try in Bandung

Nasi Cikur Warung Inul Dago Pakar Tasty Food Bandung Indonesia

Tasty Food Bandung – Bandung is the capital of West Java, a province of Indonesia. It’s about 150 km (3 hours 14 minutes) from Jakarta. You will get a complete package if you are traveling to this place. If you visiting Bandung, you will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, the cold atmosphere, or the unique building architectures, but you can ...

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Ayam Penyet Warung Tekko Jakarta

Ayam Penyet Warung Tekko Best Indonesian Food

Ayam Penyet – What’s the best thing of staying around Jakarta area during holiday season? The whole Jakarta restaurant for yourself at lunchtime! While everyone is busy leaving Jakarta for a vacation, the Jakarta view look like a ghost town. If you don’t know where to go in Jakarta when the holiday come, you can go to the one of ...

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Cherish Your Trip with These 10 Unforgettable Lombok Culinary

Plecing kangkung Lombok culinary

Lombok Culinary – What to do in Lombok? As we all know, Lombok is famous for its heavenly beach and its kind atmosphere. There are a lot of Lombok attractions you can visit. Some people even said that Lombok is the long lost Bali without its traffic and crowdedness. So, there are many places on Lombok are still untouched. Beside ...

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The Legendary Sate RSPP Jakarta

Satay Sate RSPP Jakarta Indonesia

Sate RSPP – Everywhere around Indonesia, you can find sate on the street or Indonesian restaurant and sate is readily available for order. Indonesian street food are usually cheap, including Indonesian sate. Almost everyone in Jakarta heard of this famous Sate RSPP [although not everyone tried it already]. The first branch is located at Blok M area, right in front ...

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Sate Khas Senayan Jakarta

Sate Khas Senayan Jakarta Indonesia Best Indonesia Foods

Sate Khas Senayan – What is there to do in Jakarta? What the things to do in Jakarta? You can do a culinary tour in this city. Hidden in every nook and cranny are swanky cafes that embrace the modernity of the West and yet still strongly retain aspects of Indonesian culture that come together to form a beautiful subculture ...

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