Turning Point

Turning Point is a coffee shop in Gading Serpong area, which literally gonna make you turn (your car) around because you were unaware of the small sign and drove past it. Gading Serpong is a township, 21 km west of Jakarta at Kelapa Dua, Tangerang Regency of Banten province in Indonesia. Although the sign may be petite and hidden, this ...

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ASAGAO Coffee House: A Japanese-themed in Tangerang, Jakarta

Asagao Cafe House Tangerang Jakarta

ASAGAO Coffee House – Did you know that Tangerang is known as the suburb of Jakarta with the most coffee shop joints in Indonesia? Oh yes, that’s a fact and I, as Tangerang-er, am very proud of it. ASAGAO Coffee House Tangerang is one of the hypest coffee shops here with the concept of minimalist decoration with the touch of ...

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How to Get Best Fine Dining in Jakarta Indonesia with Low Budget

Best Fine Dining Jakarta Indonesia Low Budget

Fine Dining – Enjoying delicious food in a luxurious fine dining restaurant with the one you love is truly the best kind of eating experience. There are a lot of fine dining restaurants in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bali, and other cities on Indonesia. However, this can be very costly for many people to enjoy it. Nothing’s wrong with spending ...

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7 Most Expensive Indonesian Foods in Jakarta

Most Expensive Indonesian Foods – Jakarta is a heaven for food travelers. You can find many expensive Indonesian foods this tourism city. Jakarta offers various kind of Indonesian cuisines which can satisfy your desire. Many local people and tourists are seeking for Indonesia’s best traditional food in Jakarta. To fulfill the desire of tasting the ultimate taste of Indonesian foods, ...

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Tips for Getting the Best Indonesian Cuisine in Jakarta

Food court Indonesian Dishes Jakarta

Indonesian Cuisine – Spending your holiday in Indonesia without enjoying the delicacy of Indonesian cuisine is like eating pasta without any seasonings or sauces—it’s not complete. Indonesia is truly a heaven for food travelers because this country have many delicious traditional foods. If you want to travel to Indonesia, you should include, the tourism city, Jakarta into your plan because ...

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20 Best Indonesian Dishes with Low Budget in Jakarta

Siomay Best Indonesian Dishes

Indonesian Dishes – Welcome to Jakarta Indonesia! Traveling to Jakarta can be cheap. You can find a lot of Indonesian dishes with low budget here. Usually, a capital city is always known as a very expensive place for living, but not for Jakarta.  Let’s check out the 20 best Indonesian dishes, best Indonesian foods, and, of course, the cheap Jakarta dishes. Here ...

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