Bong Kopitown Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

The Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

Family Restaurants Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta attractions are so numerous. It’s not complete if you go to a place and doesn’t eat the best food and beverages in that place. If you are travel to asia especially Indonesia, you must go to Yogyakarta where there are so many casual restaurants, family restaurants, upscale restaurants even luxury restaurants. Yogyakarta offers you the best Indonesia foods and fine dining. It have good places to eat, tasty food and great food. You can consider Yogyakarta as the one that have world’s best restaurant in category of family style restaurants. In this article, we give you a restaurant guide to get best places to eat in top 10 restaurants that have the best food and beverage from family restaurants Yogyakarta.

House of Raminten

House of Raminten Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

If you are in Malioboro and having difficulties to eat, you may find a restaurant nearby House of Raminten. House Raminten Jogja is a must place to visit if you are in Yogyakarta because it offers you a good meal with a touch of Javanese culture. It is a fancy restaurants and also the best restaurant that have these concept. This top restaurant architecture is somewhat unusual. You can find a horse-drawn carriage outside the restaurant, while inside you can see the room with the scent of incense Java architecture typical. As if it not complete, you will dine accompanied by Javanese music that keeps playing in this family restaurants Yogyakarta.

In addition to architecture and menu, the waitress here also wear distinctive clothing in the form of “Kemben Jawa”. The signature dish from Raminten is ”Ayam Koteka” (Bambbo which contained shredded chicken fried eggs, taste a bit salty but so delicious). Ayam Koteka is at the cost of Rp. 7.000.00. In the table, there is a gong that is used to call the waiter if you need something. House of Raminten is considered as great restaurant and also include in your list of restaurants that you must visit. House of Raminten is scattered in various places in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Sate Klathak Pak Pong

Sate Klatak Pak Pong Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

Sate Klathak Pak Pong is one of the popular Yogyakarta. Sate Klathak is one of the restaurants that serve the special satay of sate klathak Indonesia. In this place its serving the most popular and tasty food that use goat meat. It has distinctive flavor and so yummy when you eat it. This place is considered good food restaurants because it use simple seasoning uses. Sate Klathak only use salt, pepper and soy sauce. These three minimalist ingredient that make the satay has a distinctive taste.

Beside flavor, the cooking tools that used were different. Usually the meat is burnt with skewers made of bamboo, but in Sate Klathak Pak Pong use iron bars of a bicycle to skew it. By using these bars, it is able to make the meat cooked through. The price of sate klathak is around Rp 20.000.00. In addition, it also prove to be eco friendly because the bars can be used repeatedly, unlike bamboo skewers only disposable. It is a nice place to eat and it consider to be the best things to eat in Yogyakarta. Sate Klathak Pak Pong is located in Jalan Imogiri, Yogyakarta.

Kalimilk Yogyakarta

Kalimilk Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

If in another city, coffee shop is very flourishing, something else happened in Yogyakarta. In this city, which is actually a popular cafe milk. In Yogyakarta, there are plenty of cafes serving a variety of dairy products for beverage, the famous one is Kalimilk. Kalimilk has a unique designation for customers ie Neneners. Here, Neneners can taste milk varied flavors ranging from cookies, durian, chocolate and a variety of snacks. Portions offered are medium and elephants. For the portion of the elephants, make sure before you have to empty the stomach because the portion of the elephant really jumbo.

Kalimilk using a semi-open and no air conditioning, but it uses fan. However, you need not worry about the heat, because the wind from outside can enter and will certainly healthier than the wind from the air conditioner. Kalimilk offers you all kind of milk flavor, the one that famous is Cookies Milk. It is milk that mixed with cookies in price of Rp 13.000.00. Also, you can find Kalimilk almost in all places of Yogyakarta. With this condition, Kalimilk is considered as the places to eat nearby if you want to taste the milk. If you want to chill and have a meetup with your friend, Kalimilk is considered as one of cool places.

Mie Telap 12

Mie Telap 12 Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

In this place you will suriprise by its noodle, and it considered as good food places in noodle category. This restaurant give you the exact same thing in the cover of a noodle, so you can enjoy it like in the cover. If you book rendang flavor instant noodles, for example, then you will get a bowl of instant noodles rendang complete with chunks of meat and other toppings are laid out exactly the same as on the wrapper. For beverage, you can enjoy a variety of milkshakes and soda float. Mie Telap 12 is located in Jalan Pandega, Yogyakarta. You should try Mie Rendang, it give you the noodle with real rending meat that so tasty at price of Rp. 9.000.00.

Bale Raos

This place is one of the family restaurants Yogyakarta. It is also have a nice place to eat. Bale Raos is a specialty restaurant that serves family favorite Yogyakarta Palace. Dining at Bale Raos will make you feel the sensation of a noble family-style meal. Have you ever wonder what the regular menu was served for the royal family Sultan Palace? Or as if it tastes favorite menu Sultan? Stop imagining! Because you can try the king’s favorite dishes at Restaurant Bale Raos. Bale Raos offers you the yummy and tasty Timlo Soup,  Classical Javanese soup with ginger and soy sauce flavor combinations and alloys of various materials, such as oyster mushrooms, chicken, banana flowers, carrots, egg roll, and a sprinkling of potato Cepiring. If you are vegetarian people, you can try oseng daun pepaya and tumis buncis jamur kuping.

All restaurant menus are processed in accordance with the royal family recipes handed down from generation to generation. Taste the unique and delicious will make your tongue swept. Not only the menus, it also have special architecture Resto Bale Raos that very elegant form of Joglo. During the meal, you are going to be accompanny by the strains of Gending Jawa. The atmosphere will makes you as by being hosted by the royal family.


Abhayagiri is also an upscale Restaurants that give you a nice view of Prambanan and Yogyakarta. It is one of the luxury restaurants in Yogyakarta that have very well in serving and food.  Abhayagiri Restaurant is located not far from the Candi Ratu Boko. So, after sunset hunting Ratu Boko temple and then you can go have dinner in a dinner place, Abhayagiri Restaurant.

Abhayagiri Jogja Restaurant is located in the Dusun Sumberwatu, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman. The place is arguably romantic meal because it has beautiful scenery enough to present the view of Mount Merapi, Prambanan, Sojiwan, and the surrounding villages are still green. If you are having dinner at Abhayagiri, you must try it’s signature dish which is Abhayagiri Duck Special. Basic materials in the form of processed duck slow cooking over low heat and make the meat tender. Served with yellow rice, plus the typical Abhayagiri melting sauce. The price of Duck Special Abhayagiri is Rp 89.000. Abhayagiri luxury restaurant in Jogja not only be visited with the couple but also fun to visit with friends and family. For whom came with friends or family, there is also a family package menu with prices ranging from Rp 520,000, – to Rp 625.000, -.

Soto Bathok Mbah Karto

Soto Bathok Mbah Karto Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

Soto bathok is one of the new restaurants in Yogyakarta. It also a place for casual dining and have good food restaurant that serve soto. In Soto’s Bathok Mbah Karto dining area consists of huts to eat while sitting on the floor that can accommodate the number of people in large quantities, but there is also a table and chairs for 2-4 people. The whole construction of this building used bamboo and wood, it would feel really “village” atmosphere in this soup stall.

Soto bathok contains white rice, beef cut into small pieces, sprouts, cabbage, celery leaf sprinkles, and doused with hot sauce beef broth. In terms of taste savory, salty and tasted Seger really. One Soto Bathok will only cost you Rp. 5000.00. The flavor is much more enjoyable because it uses coconut shell as a media presentation soto.

Banyu Mili Country Club

Banyu Mili Country Club is one of the themed restaurants that give you the feeling of a country club. This restaurant is also a good dinner places and casual dining if you want to dine. This fun and kid friendly restaurant is located with water consisting of a swimming pool and artificial lakes and forests. A culinary tour at the same recreation area suitable for families and it make this place special especially for holiday with your family.

Bayumili Country Club Best Family Restaurant Yogyakarta Jogja Indonesia

After water play, it’s time you satisfy the tongue and stomach. You should try the crab eggs and honey roasted shrimp. The crab and shrimp that are used are the result of their own culture so that certainly still fresh when cooked. Another menu is equally delicious is carp grilled, fried chicken and grilled squid. With these theme Banyu Mili Contry Club is considered as one of the family restaurants Yogyakarta.

Bong Kopitown

Bong Kopitown Best Food and Beverage From Family Restaurants Yogyakarta

Bong Kopitown have a concept of a Prison and takes a twist into a coffee shop in Jogja. It is one of the family restaurants Yogyakarta that have great food and offer you family style restaurant with good eating places. You can see the jailer who was standing behind the counter and prisoners milling deliveries to the dinner table in this local cafe Jogja. Some menu on offer here include a drip coffee, Soya claypots, Penang fried noodle and noodle spicy rendang. Once you was seated in a chair, do not be surprised if you were visited by the waiter who handed a piece of ‘newspaper’ that turned out to contain a list of the menu and the history of the restaurant.

Gudeg Pawon

Gudeg Pawon Best Family Restaurant Yogyakarta Jogja Indonesia

Gudeg Pawon serve some high quality the famous food, Gudeg. It have nice place to eat and also place to eat close by if you are in the middle of the night traveling and searching for food because it only open in Midnight. You can see a simple furnace used to cook this warm. Although the place is simple, but the warm pleasure here can not be underestimated.

Gudeg Pawon could be the right choice for those who like to do a culinary tour in the night. Enjoying the warm rice plus a chicken and a glass of warm sweet tea are a special dish in cold Yogyakarta at night. The price of Gudeg Ayam is around Rp. 11.000.00 to Rp. 24.000.00. We recommend that you arrive before opening hours for each day, Gudeg Pawon always have so many buyers. Gudeg Pawon is located in Jalan Dr Soepomo, Umbulharjo, Yogyakarta.

There are so many best food and beverages from family restaurant to luxury restaurant in Yogyakarta. This list of top ten restaurant is based on the popularity and the great food that they offered. You should try it yourself and discover the taste of world’s best restaurants in Yogyakarta. If you travel to asia, especially Yogyakarta, you should visit these places and have the best food and beverage that can be offered.

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