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Ayam Penjet Roro Mendut – Ayam Penyet Menu of Remboelan Restaurant Jakarta

Ayam Penyet Menu – Holiday is over, which means New Year [slash first day of work] is here! Since I spent too much time procrastinating during Christmas, I decided to get out of my bed and start hunting for Ayam Penyet. Indonesia is home to many of the best coffee beans, restaurant, and dishes in the world. There are 17000 islands in Indonesia with its distinctive culinary riches in every region. Here in Indonesia, almost everyone [but me. Thank God for self-employment] gets back to work on 2nd of January. But, I did not expect that lunchtime at the mall would be as packed as this [read: office workers EVERYWHERE]. My friend and I went to Remboelan restaurant located at Plaza Senayan near Senayan city expecting we get to choose the best spot in the house, this time not being waitlisted is already a blessing. Plaza Senayan is located strategically near offices, so going there at exactly 12.00 PM is quite a nightmare and we had to wait around 20 minutes to be seated.

Remboelan Plaza Senayan Jakarta Restaurant

There are some place which serve the best fine dining in Jakarta from great French cuisine, Indonesian local cuisine to Japanese. After 20 years waiting [I’m not a patient queuer], our moods were uplifted as we entered the cozy and warm-looking Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta. Remboelan is designed with lots of wooden furniture with a touch of modernity and nationalism. Remboelan has a perfect atmosphere and cozy calm ambience for a romantic dinner and private dinning. This restaurant serve the best Indonesian local food menu and what gives the place extra points is that the Great Gatsby-like stairways somehow make it looks fancy. In contrary, since it’s round-shaped, it yields an intimate ambience. Remboelan has some branches in Senayan City, Pondok Indah Mall (PIM), Kasablanka, dan Gandaria City.

Ayam Penjet Roro Mendut Indonesian Dish Menu

As we sit down, we didn’t waste a single breath by flipping through the menu pages. We placed the order that we rehearsed during the 20 minutes of waiting: 1 portion of Nasi Langgi, 2 portions of Ayam Penjet Roro Mendut, and 2 Ice Cold Tea [in case of unbearable spiciness]. The order didn’t take too much cooking time, and we appreciate the quick service. The first bite of the Ayam Penjet can be defined as Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s latest duet: PERFECT. Ayam Penjet Roro Mendut is a ayam penyet menu of Remboelan Restaurant. The flavor of the chicken’s meat is somehow sweet and super tender with all the seasonings seeped in. While the Sambal Bawang [chili with onions] is salty, enough spicy [bearable for non-Asian palate], and umami.

Nasi Langgi Indonesian Culinary

When eaten with Nasi Langgi, the ayam penyet menu tasted even better. Basically Nasi Langgi is white rice cooked with spices such as lemongrass, coriander, galangal roots, and onions to give off great smell. Nevertheless, Nasi Langgi itself is already a complete dish composed of the aromatic white rice, serundeng (fried coconut flakes), telur pindang (a.k.a tea egg – spiced boiled egg), fried vermicelli, long beans, shredded chicken, tempe balado (chili-coated tempeh), chili, and potato skewer. Overall, I can say that Remboelan nails 9/10 for their quality, great service, range of menu, and also interior design. This is the one of the top restaurants in Jakarta. Do you want to eat in this place?

Serve Ice Tea Remboelan Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Writer: Alin
Photographer: Felicia

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