Tahu Telor Lamongan in Serpong Tangerang

Tahu Campur Lamongan at Ruko Griya Loka in Serpong Tangerang

Tahu Campur Lamongan – The wonderful archipelago of Indonesia is home to many traditions and cultures. Separated by the sea, each island has their own language, customs, culinary, and way of life. Tahu Campur and Tahu Telor Lamongan are some of the healthy traditional Indonesian menu recipes are passed down from generation to generation. There are several places to visit if you want to taste them in Jakarta and Tangerang. You can buy these Indonesian foods in the nearest restaurants or in street vendor.

Many tourists treat Jakarta as an entry and exit point to Indonesia, but if you are passing through the city and have some time to spare then there are a wide range of attractions to enjoy which are scattered at various spot. Here in Jakarta, go to find a genuinely authentic and tasty Tahu Telor and Tahu Campur Lamongan is like finding needle in a haystack [hyperbolically saying]. It’s even harder since I got quite a high standard for this Indonesian food, because I tried one at Surabaya and it’s really hard to move on from it [sorry for being dramatic]. The price of these Indonesian menu are affordable because they are some dishes of a million people in Indonesia from kids to adults.

Tahu Campur Lamongan Indonesian Cuisine Serpong

Tried one at Pondok Indah, they tasted OK! but still cannot replace the one in Surabaya. Thanks to my Mom who’s also a huge fan of Tahu Telor and Tahu Campur, she found a real nice, tasty, and authentic one close to my house! To be exact it’s located at Jl. Griya Loka Parkiran Blok RC3, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, a complex of shops close to Pasar Modern BSD. Take note, that this amazing food stall (in a form of tent) only opens after 5 PM. If you confuse to choose where to eat the local street foods in Jakarta for dinner, you can go there and try these delicious menus.

Warung Indonesian food stall

I still remember the first time I went there, Mom was boasting of her precious finding and I was rolling my eyes knowing that she’s easily pleased with any food. Parked close to the tent and I saw groups of people filling the table. As I got closer to the tent, I heard the Mas-Mas sellers chatted in Javanese, I felt immediate hope that this must be legit good. Ordered the Tahu Telor and Tahu Campur, and on the first sip I knew that this one can replace the longing for real Surabaya’s Tahu Telor. Tahu Telor and Tahu Campur Lamongan is the vegetarian menu that can be found in every corner in Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, and other cities in Java.

Buy Tahu Campur and Tahu Telur Lamongan in Tangerang

And now back again to the same Mas-Mas and tent with my fourth ‘victim’ [a.k.a. friends who I convinced they never know what is life until they try this Tahu Telor] to try my favorite dishes. On my previous article, I briefly wrote about Tahu Telor history and how it got modified in different cities. In Surabaya, they put the not-so-secret secret ingredient called Petis [a.k.a. shrimp paste] and believe it or not they taste differently much better because they bring it all the way from Surabaya [Lamongan to be exact]. My second favorite dish is Tahu Campur Lamongan, which might not be everyone’s favorite because the Petis tastes stronger and it’s soup-y. Basically Tahu Campur consists of tofu, yellow noodle, lettuce, beansprouts, deep-fried cassava, and beef knuckled [a.k.a Kikil – which I dislike so I order one without it] served with little amount of semi-black soup.

Tahu Campur Lamongan at Ruko Griya Loka

Just for the record, both of the dishes don’t look appetizing for the eyes. But, once you smell it, you’ll be instantly mouth-watered. Tahu Telor taste sweet, umami, and salty in a balanced way with a hint of Petis. To make it less strong on the taste, you must eat it with Lontong [a.k.a rice cake] and kerupuk, voila the perfect dish for an early dinner or appetizer. Overall, I rate this dish 9/10 just because the portion is slightly too small for me and I need another half plate of it. Hope you guys can try Tahu Telor and Tahu Campur Lamongan around my place, who knows I’ll see you guys around!

Tahu Telor Lamongan Indonesian Dishes

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