Bakso Solo Samrat Indonesian Meatball in Tangerang

Bakso Solo Samrat – Eating the Indonesian Meatballs in Tangerang Indonesia

Bakso Solo Samrat – For those of you who do not know Bakso it’s actually the Indonesian word for meatballs. And for those of you who do not know meatball, it’s actually minced meat [usually beef] mixed with flour and seasonings then shaped into a ball [literally meat ball]. Here in Indonesia, there are different kinds of Bakso in every city or province, but the most famous one is Bakso from Solo [a small city in Central Java]. Although you live in Jakarta, Bakso Solo can basically found almost everywhere from street carts, tents to decent restaurants. The price of this food can range from less than IDR 10,000 [70 –American- cents] to more than IDR 60,000 [USD 4]. Finding the best Bakso can be tricky because although they are found everywhere. Not everyone can make a great one although the recipe of making Bakso scattered on the internet.

Cooking The Delicious Indonesian Bakso

There are three criteria to look for the best Bakso Solo, they are: Turbid broth soup, Balance meat-to-flour ratio, and Nice yellow noodle (mie). Bakso Solo Samrat Restaurant ticks all of my criteria list and there’s no turning back for me from this commitment thing. For those of you who digs clear soup over turbid one, you will not like the appearance of the dish. There are 7  Bakso Solo Samrat restaurant branches in Jakarta, they are 3 branches in Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta), 2 branches in Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta), and 2 branches in Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta). If you have trouble to find a place to eat or you are confused about what to eat, you can eat Bakso in Bakso Solo Samrat, Jakarta.

Bakso Urat Rusuk Tendon-filled Meatballs with Ribs

You can order “Bakso Biasa” [which means “Regular Meatball Menu”] or “Bakso Urat Rusuk” [which means “Tendon-filled Meatballs with Ribs Menu”]. It took less than 5 minutes for the staffs to get our dish served hot on the table. They don’t take long cooking time. They served every dish with one Pangsit [fried wonton] filled with carrot, cabbage, and minced chicken. You can also take Kerupuk [white, curly round-shaped cracker] as an extra side dish if you choose a bowl of Bakso Biasa.

Bakso Biasa or Regular Meatballs with Kerupuk The Curly Round-Shaped Cracker

At the first sip of the soup, the flavors immediately kicked in from the sweetness of the turbid broth, saltiness of the salt, and umami taste of the seasonings. The balls of meat are tender yet meaty due to the balance ratio of beef and flour [you can tell from the reddish color on the inside]. The ribs in the Bakso Urat Rusuk menu are not only tender but also flavorful. Bakso Solo Samrat is quite generous with the ribs portion. Last but not least, the yellow noodle [you can change it to vermicelli] tasted fresh. You can know that this is not an instant yellow noodle from the aftertaste and springiness of the noodle. Most Bakso sellers use instant noodles but it seems Bakso Solo Samrat does not use instant yellow noodles. If you are a fan of ‘crunchy’ tendon, you should order their Bakso Urat because it’s a mixture of beef, tendon, and fats well grinded together.

Serve The Famous Bakso in Tangerang and Jakarta Indonesia

Bakso is a very versatile Indonesian dish for everyone with different preferences. If you’re a sweet-tooth, just add black sweet soy sauce to your dish. A big fan of salty dish? Add more salt to it. If you need something sour to enhance the dish, add lime or vinegar. And if you’re into spicy things like me, just add chili or hot sauce. From 1-10, I rate Bakso Solo Samrat 8.5 due to the consistent great taste and fast service. However, the price for the Bakso dishes are slightly above the average market price and their restaurants are not equipped with Air Conditioners so it can get a bit hot in the afternoon. Overall, you should try this because their chains are located almost everywhere in Jakarta so it wouldn’t be that hard for you to find one. Do not overdo when eating Indonesian meatballs to keep your health. If you have a problem with cholesterol, please do not eat excess ribs. If you want to eat the healthier bakso, you can make it by yourself with the healthy recipe of bakso without MSG or preservatives.

Bakso Solo Samrat Indonesian Dish Menu

The exact address for Bakso Solo Samrat at Gading Serpong is:

Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard Blok AA 04 No. 11, Pakulonan Barat, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810

The Interior of Bakso Solo Samrat The Tangerang Restaurant

Writer : Alin
Photographer : Felicia

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